Adding Shows To The Gets Section

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I hope that using this thread will make it easier and quicker for me to add shows relatively fast for you guys. The other thread was okay but this way it'll be easier to input the data when I'm updating the Gets section. [color=#00BF40][b]The way it works is by copying and filling out this form to reply in this thread:[/b][/color] [code] Type: URL: [url]http://[/url] Show date: Location/Venue: Description: [quote]Info[/quote] Tags: [/code] [i]If you have a show that is not online please upload it to <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> and link me to that.[/i] [color=#00BF40][b]Info on what to type:[/b][/color] [code] Type: MP3 or FLAC. URL: Use the [url] tag. Link to where I can get the show. Show date: YYYY-MM-DD (Year Month Day) Location/Venue: Self explanatory Description: Put this in a quote tag. Type in the set list, the process of recording, etc. Tags: Unnecessary but can something like radio, high quality, DVD, etc. [/code] [color=#00BF40][b]Example of a post:[/b][/color] Type: FLAC URL: [url][/url] Show date: 2006-07-03 Location/Venue: Live at Tavastia, Finland Description: [quote]ANIMAL COLLECTIVE Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland July 3th, 2006 source : Octava MC012 (DIN, FOB) > UA-5 > MT2496 @ 24bit/48kHz > Adobe Audition (normalizing, dither & resample) > CDWave (track splits) > FLAC setlist: 01 Street Flash 7:17 02 Did You See The Words 8:00 03 Reverend Green 9:35 04 ? 8:46 05 Safer 10:06 06 Grass 4:40 07 Peace Bone 6:29 08 We Tigers 2:27 09 Fireworks 9:33 10 Purple Bottle 11:05 --- 11 Banshee Beat 10:22 total time 88:20[/quote] Tags: Tavastia, live, flac


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