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I am thinking of making a companion cd to Merriweather Post Pavillion. I think it would be cool since there are old songs done in the MPP style, older versions of MPP songs, and other stuff. Here's what I got so far from the MPP era songs (most of them live): Summertime Clothes (Live 2007) Leaf House Taste (BBC Sessions) What Would I Want Sky (BBC Sessions) Doggy/Hey Light Slippi Brothersport (Live 2007) Chocolate Girl Song For Ariel (Live solo [maybe]) Graze (Early version) So I need your guys' help. Recommend me some MPP era live songs, etc. Discuss your favorite MPP era songs that aren't on MPP and live shows. Thanks.


  • Can't remember offhand (wrong computer, have 50 odd AC shows on my laptop), but I'm pretty sure LUX has some great early MPP era tunes. Unusually good recording quality on that show, too.
  • In The Flowers (Hove 2008)... good stuff
  • Anything from the Melkweg show.
  • NPR has a great AC show to download. And the Gargoyle shows are excellent.
  • The only bummer about the NPR show is the announcer who won't shut up, lol. But the recording quality and the performances are top-notch.
  • the winters love version they did was heart-break-achingly beautiful! ... i remember some said they barely recognized it / even thought it was a new song? / done too slow but they are nuts! ... it was just so gorgeous! lovely re-work! i suppose people really wanted it to be just like the album version but to me it was a great change / choice!
  • I love it when they change up the songs. Keeps it fresh.
  • love the reworked version of Chocolate Girl specially the BBC session took me ages to find it.
  • BBC sessions are the best... The best Covered In Frogs that I've heard is from the Breezeblock Sessions in '04. Super good! and super clean. Sorry about the topic hijacking. As for MPP era non-MPP songs, I actually find a few new ones on the L'Olympic show from 03/20/2009. They're in 24 bit FLAC, and I urge you to keep their losslessness, down to 16 bit if you must go lower. In any case, it's pretty good for a 2009 show. Slippi, Leaf House, Banshee Beat (YEAH!), and Fireworks are all included.
  • i loved how fireworks kept getting longer and longer with more parts [and putting EXPLODE inside FIRE WORKS (get it?) was brilliant!] and it just became this BEAST! just taking up a longer and longer chunk of the cho! [show]
  • Yeah, it's turning into their Dark Star. Next thing you know, it'll be half an hour long.
  • at the rate things were going it would have ended up being the whole show with a hyper punky 2min my girls as encore!
  • lol. Actually, I'm kind of glad they've dropped My Girls from their live repertoire, at least for the time being. Listening to this L'Olympic show from '09 (recording quality is extraordinary, by the way), the rest of the show just blows away the My Girls as far as energy goes. The Banshee Beat is totally different and totally awesome.
  • One of the best things I've seen/heard was when they did the Fireworks/Essplode/Who Could Win a Rabbit (alternate version) medley. I nearly blew my load when Geologist kicked in the drum samples and Avey brought in the acoustic guitar sample. And then I heard Avey and Panda intertwining their vocal melodies back and forth which I enjoy everytime (especially when Panda is on key). At the point I was like, "What the f*Ck is this?" By that point I had already creamed but then to hear it was "Who Could Win a Rabbit" just blew me away. I later saw it was on their myspace profile. What year is that from for those who know what I am talking about?
  • Fireworks/Essplode!!! tears everywhere please
  • for those who know what you are talking about! for those who dealt!
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