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or have I just missed that thread? here's a full show (barcelona, 7/27) in HD: so far my favorite is "knock you down" (Edit by Peacefish for making the thread official, Thanks Yukbon!)


  • Hey, my favorite is Knock You Down, too. Cool video. The new Taste is great. Other favorites: Mercury, Deakin's song (the later versions, the early and mid-tour ones are super rough.) Some people don't care for the line "makes me even wonder why I wrote this song." I don't quite understand what the dislike stems from. Anyone care to explain it to me? I'm actually rather fond of the line. Feels pretty real.
  • I don't get that either, I think it's funny
  • My favs are Let Go, Mercury, And A Long Time Ago Pitchfuck said that they will record stuff in Jan. and they just finished writting five new(er) songs. To dave: I kind like that line, just how it sounds, and it does seem honest like you said. Plus it is followed up by some classic avey screams.
  • i don't want to get used to the new songs so that changers bother me for the album and want the album to be fresh but man oh man is it ever frustrating! reading so much talk of these strange titles i do not know... not knowing how ANY of the songs go! ... gah! makes me feel like.. not a fan!
  • I think you're a great fan, you have more patience than any of us. Can not resist New Animal Collective Uggghhhhh! But you are missin out on some pretty sweet jams.
  • I dunno, I consider the live stuff and the studio stuff pretty different facets but then again i love it when bands change their stuff around a lot. one of my favorite examples is counting crows' vh1 storytellers where they completely re-arrange their own songs or tom waits' different versions his own songs on "Frank's Wild Years" where there are different stylistic changes and versions of the same songs just like the live versions of older AC songs are awesome, but they don't change how awesome the album versions are (e.g., "doggy", "taste" "chocolate girl" etc)
  • Yeah. Take the 2008 Merriweather stuff, for instance. The early versions of In The Flowers. A lot of it was quite different from the album.
  • i haven't really listened to much of the live recordings except from their first show because i couldn't help it! I wish i had the same will as G.O. i really envy you, you're gonna be able to hear those songs with hardly any preconceived notions of how they should sound it will definitively be worth it. I really love what they did with We Tigers on this tour, i imagined it hasn't changed too much it sounded like it was straight from India. they've been playing tigers for a long time and its kind've hard to imagine that maybe very soon this song will be retired
  • You never know. Some groups with a tendency to play their old songs in new ways keep songs in their repertoire until the band's demise. That's the kind of thing you don't really know until it happens. The Dead played China Cat > I Know You Rider from 1969 until 1995, with a break between I think '73 and '77 (it was brought back during the '77 New Years run.) It could be played until one of the band members dies in a tragic gardening accident or spontaneously combusts. I find it interesting how some people prefer not to listen to pre-album tour material at all, whereas others (like me) want to listen to a whole lot of stuff from the tour to hear the evolution. I guess I feel like I always find the album exciting and new when I hear it, and there's great enjoyment in hearing the new direction in which the band has taken the songs I've heard the primordial stages of on tour.
  • return to the house of crazy receive steve!
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