AC at Primavera Sound 2011.

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I saw AC in Barcelona last week. They headlined the main stage at 2 a.m. Very enjoyable. Great version of Brother Sport (always fun live), and they ended with Summertime Clothes. Lots of new material. Part of their set is listenable to here (in good quality): [url][/url] Pitchfork also put out a decent write up of the show ([url][/url]): [quote]I've seen Animal Collective live quite a few times, but I'm not sure how often I've enjoyed one of their shows from start to finish. Maybe that's because their performances seem to be as much for them (if not more) than for the audience they're playing for. Animal Collective like to work out new material, usually from whatever album they're planning next, in their live sets, fusing select older songs from their growing catalogue in between to form several extended jammy setpieces. Sometimes, as it was with material from Merriweather Post Pavilion during the end of the Strawberry Jam tour, the new material sounds fully formed and decipherable; other times, it's still in the chrysalis stage. For last night's headlining set at the San Miguel stage, the band sounded like it was right in the middle of those two extremes. The new material sounds like the band's planning another left turn, one more organically percussive than Merriweather's dubby, blasted beats (an element no doubt aided by Panda Bear's return to a drumkit on stage) with glitchy electronic textures. Avey Tare, Panda, and Deakin all took turns on vocals (a rarity for Deakin), and it was a welcome change to hear them screaming and hollering again. Avey told me in an interview last year that the band was looking to build the new songs around moving around and to "sweat" a little more on stage, and there was definitely a fair bit of hopping around. Overall, the new songs sound sharp and reasonably defined, but one suspects they are works in progress. When older songs were introduced into the set, the audience lit up, and the band sounded like they were having fun too. There were tense renditions of "Brother Sport" and "Summertime Clothes"; Sung Tongs highlight and perennial live favorite "We Tigers" made a spirited appearance-- the band didn't gather around Noah's drum set and bash it out the way they did on the Feels tour, but the energy was there. On the other hand, the slow-drawn ending of "Can You See the Words" was stretched out for what seemed like eternity (in a good way). --LF[/quote]


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