Josh in Mali

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Is anyone following this adventure? Did anyone on here give money to help him go? Anyone familiar with the bands he is playing with?


  • Well, he's not in Mali anymore, now he's in Belgium playing with Panda Bear.
  • Yeah saw that. Glad that Dibsy is back on the case.
  • waffle house / IHOP! mali music! demo crazy!
  • man where the heck is this the afrikan projekt and the proper album so dang delayed! i bet we won't get either until 2012! come on now!
  • Paw Tracks' website lists a Deakin release is expected in 2012. Whenever I heard him talking about Africa, he's been kind of dodging the question. If I see him at the show I'll ask him!
  • keep digging you might not LIKE what you find! <!-- s:o --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/eek.gif" alt=":o" title="eek" /><!-- s:o -->
  • [quote]i bet we won't get either until 2012![/quote] ha! try 2014 bub!
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