YouTube's Top Comments (Panda Bear)

edited July 2011 in Side Projects
I love the 'Top Comments' feature on YouTube. I found the following whilst browsing Panda Bear's songs. [u]Boneless[/u] [quote] THIS SOUNDS JUST LIKE BRIAN WILSON TRAPPED IN THE FOREST TEMPLE IN OCARINA OF TIME [/quote] This is exactly what it sounds like. Hence the caps, I guess. [u]Comfy In Nautica[/u] [quote]I explained person pitch to a friend as sounding like what would happen if the beach boys scored the lion king. Accurate I think.[/quote] Another Brian Wilson comparison. Damn accurate though. [u]Take Pills:[/u] [quote]im high as this musics tight[/quote] 54 thumbs up. <3 the internet. [u] Red Roses and a Sky of Blue[/u] (Tornadoes song that Panda Bear samples for Bros): [quote]can someone tell me how the FUCK you pick out a two second interval in an old ass song and make a mind blowing 13 minute song out of it?[/quote] Nope. Anyone have any other good YouTube finds for Panda or AC?


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