AC song interpretations

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Here are some songs I've interpreted but not limited to my own meanings. Spirit They've Vanished= Losing youthfulness. Growing out of childhood. *La Rapet = The Devil ( a work by Guy de Maupassant) just read the lyrics and then read the story. *April and the Phantom = Posession of a spirit/incubus/demon on a little girl *Street Flash = Hikikomori syndrome (recluse). People who are afraid to leave their house for fear that others might be laughing at them, worried they'll fail in life, not being able to socialize with others. *Safer= Going crazy. Being cooped up all day and night does that. *Loch Raven = Little Red Riding Hood *Cuckoo Cuckoo= Death and being stuck in limbo *For Rev Green= a reference to a character of the British version of Clue. As for the song idk what reference it really holds. Probably just a play on words for "forever in green" *Derek= a song about a shetland sheepdog (sheltie). idk what that whole "wrap your peckers" thing is about in that song. Those boys were on some drugs to think they heard a dog tell them that! lol *Throwin' the Round Ball= I'm pretty sure is about dodge ball *Forest Gospel= Drugs. Heroine mostly. "all that you need is nick. you pull out the prick you pull out the stick" Although I think that is actually There is an Arrow. Forest Gospel is actually in Pride and Fight. *Queen in my Pictures= is about a girl who just got too messed up on hallucinogens and went crazy. *Doggy= Dave losing his dog. This song makes me cry when I think about my dog. *Moo Rah Rah Rain= Drought. So bad it's destroying a family's way of life. *Hey Light= Waking up in the morning. We all hate it. *Slippi= Babies. idk there towards the end the lyrics sound like some columbine reference. *Leaf House= abandoned house. and I think Dave is also talking about his reclusiveness. *Who Could Win a Rabbit= vagrants. and losing or catching that meal of the day. *The Softest Voice= Dave's reclusiveness again. Hoping for a relationship to bloom maybe? *Sweet Road is a country road in NY. There's actually 3 in NY. as to which one this song is about, who knows? *Mouth Wooed Her= I'd say it's about hooking up w/ someone who wouldn't give you the time of day. Saying the right thing to get laid. *Whaddit I Done= Wild Nights. Wild Sex. There's more but I'm tired so I'll finish this later. Nite guys. Or morning. whatever.


  • this is a great idea Summertime clothes- Being out late all night on hot summer nights. Doing crazy stuff with your friends, almost living at night, running in the streets, through backyards and fields and stuff like that. just crazy, unforgettable feelings and things that happen late on summer nights
  • what the HELL have i done! silo sex! wearing summertime clothes as in wearing some girls damn sundress! some are dresses! SOME ARE GOATS
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