Cool Creatures

[youtube] these are Aye-Ayes and they have GIANT middle fingers!


  • They peer into my soul.
  • <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... world.html</a><!-- m --> Immortal jellyfish are going to take over the world.
  • What if we can extract some of their powers? Then we will be forever young, I want to be forever young do you really want to live forever? forever, and ever?
  • that's amazing. I don't want to live forever. It would be unhealthy for our beautiful world. That jellyfish thing is pretty mind-blowing, though.
  • I would, I think. I want to see technology change, I want to witness the colonization of mars and the moon, and I want to see things change rapidly before my eyes.
  • Imagine, in stead of having kids everyone would adopt someone who newly turned back to their baby self. We'd all be like pheonixes.
  • that is an amazing thought, Grizz. Solves the problem of overpopulation. It would be like reincarnation except a little I guess it wouldn't be too bad to live forever. There's an episode in this show called Mushishi (an anime) where this girl dies every night and is reborn a few minutes after death. Its because of this thing living in her nose, but they end up curing her and she can't stand it because time goes by to slowly when she is going to live a normal lifespan. Living in the length of a day made things go by quicker, made her mind wander less. Imagine if we were live for forever, how lost in time we would get...
  • I just saw this guy talking about how smart crows are. I guess they take acorns and put them at an intersection when the light is red, wait for the cars to run over them and crack them open, and then when the 'walk' light (you guys know what I mean, right?) comes on they go and pick up their lunch. The guy wants to make 'crow boxes' where crows go and find loose change and drop it into this machine that in turn gives them a peanut. I guess crows learn really quickly from each other so it's a very plausible theory.
  • That crow box would be a cash cow! *ba dum tss*
  • it would! He wants to put them all over the country. But it made me think of you guys and crows remembering faces. I guess he had a pet one. Wouldn't a pet crow be cool?
  • Some friends of mine had a crow and a raven...the raven was...Gar. I forget the crow's name. I don't 'get' bird mind like I do dog mind. I 'get' my duck, but he can't fly. Flying makes you different in your thinking. If I had a pet crow I'd teach him to pick pockets.
  • that would be a handy skill. I really get cats. Dogs really aren't my thing but a good cat has the same thinking as I do. Well, sort of. i've never had a pet bird.
  • Cats are gross. But I'm also allergic. But they're also really self centered.
  • yeah cats are jerks! smug little fucks!
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