Forest Gospel

only my best friends use the coke, pot, crack, READY I was reminded this morning how much I love Hollinndagain - now Im going to stay inside all day long keeping this album on repeat while I draw a still life for my art class. I hope at least some of you have an appreciation for AC's old stuff, I miss how experimental they were at times..


  • Yeah, it was very intensely psychedelic. Hollindagain is one of the best examples I can think of of true modern psychedelic music. Just gut-level stuff.
  • Its so good for all of it being live stuff, I've heard someone whose see AC say that their sound is terrible when its not studio version. I completely disagree, but I would've given anything to see them in their early days..
  • Yeah. It has a live energy that you just can't reproduce in the studio. A lot of their live music has that. 2007 was a good year for that stuff. The more synthy stuff tends to drain that energy a bit.
  • My favorite live song is I've got mine, im pretty sure kria is in it aswell but i know its live, and its a gooden !
  • even though it was older stuff godsak proved they still had the experimental edge! and crack box and elements of fall be kind and songs for shoes and avey stuff... they haven't lost it quite yet! and i feel the next album will really polarize people early live AC i don't know... they seem VERY frustrating... even mid period ac... even later period AC! ... they can be really frustrating! playing nearly all new songs... next time not playing any from the album now that you know the songs... or playing MPP songs / same set as 07 in 09? ... just odd! some of the meandering / mellow stuff live... the transitions... i don't know sometimes you just want them to go into the next song and not do 2min of grombient noises to "connect" them... you know? just rock it!
  • I used to listen to I've got mine allllll the time on YouTube, never could find it else where (torrent wise). And I wasn't saying they lost their touch..they most definitely still got it, they've just turned it into somethin else. You feel me ? But Im usually a fan of the lengthy transitions..specially on oddsac
  • but there they go! changing again! AC/hangin' with mr coop coop!
  • G.O. You are a character
  • i'm a real boy! but i dream of one day become a real doll!
  • Never really got the majority of this album, I think it is because I like cleaner, crisper quality of music. But this song and I Hear You Pan are my highlights off Holl. As for live AC, I think the new NEW stuff has more energy than MPP material, but is still shy of old AC.
  • I had a dream that someone from this board posted me the album (can't be arsed to type it) and i was very grateful, the only problem is, i don't know who posted it to me, STRANGE !
  • trapped in holland AGAIN!~ kitties on golly day!
  • every day is a golly day in holland
  • every gay is a molly day for a bellend! belly!
  • bluer words have never been spoken!!
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