• OH GOD I'VE SEEN THiS!!! Oh no. oh no. oh no. You tell the audience who is in charge! Yeah! You paid money but I still own you! I don't know what I would have done, I think I would have stayed just to see what would happen next.
  • gotta love that man !
  • G.O. could've been there! I was there at the first can show in 1968, in Cologne.
  • i should have been there! GAH! how was i to know it sounds hilarious / baffling / AMAZING! oh man and i was there! (brad don't know what he REALLY wants!) NEEDS! people should engage him more at future shows.... heck hell him / mess with him / try to get him to FREAK OUT it can be the Next Big Thing! taking internet trolling to the streets! to REAL LIFE!!!!
  • Oh Bradford! I really love the guy and everything he does musically. if you go to Pitchfork here's he's the first bit of news: there's some tidbits of his take on it. I dunno. All I do know is that i'm forever rooting for him and feel a deep, inexplicable connection to him.
  • i really wish i could go back in time and see him and heck hell him / egg him on haha! i could imagine it getting quite intense / heated!
  • gah if i had played my cards right i would have been talked about on PITCH FORK! wah! the real life and intro net collide / kollaps into POW!
  • GO! What a disappointment! I would love to have heard your side of he story - you are never allowed to miss a show again!
  • Agreed Tigers.
  • Brad's a legend, but GO! if people make freaking him out a thing, the montages that come out on youtube will be amazing... I feel like he'll never run out of crazy things to do
  • trolling in real life. what a horrific thought.
  • Someones going to make a Bradford meme soon, probably him pretending to give some fellatio.
  • My future sons name
  • My Aunt recently lost her son, he was born premature and didn't make it (gah, really sad sad stuff), but anyways, she named him Bradford. I've always loved that name anyways and now that he holds it, it's even more meaningful because even though I never had the chance to get to know the little guy, I really loved him.
  • ugh, that's heart-wrenching. i'm sorry for your family's loss. :(
  • Thanks Dave, luckily we're a family so no one is in it alone. I didn't mean to downer the thread!
  • it's not like the thread topic was particularly sacred; seems relevant to me. thank goodness for family.
  • I'd like to think I know how you feel because some really close friends of my parents were going to have a baby almost the same time as I was born. It was going to be a girl and thought, you know, she could have been my best friend if she was born. Hell, she could've been my wife. I'll always wonder.
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    Sad sad stuff, I don't know how you feel or how you felt, but hopefully your family has fought through the sadness of losing Bradford. I had a friend whose name was Andrew Bradford, but we all called him Bradford. He was a fun guy to talk to, and I didn't even know him that well.
  • I'm sorry to hear about that we tigers. I kind of can relate to you in a sense- my mama had a miscarriage before she had me, poor thing lived for three days....then along came me, "their favorite mistake" It's weird knowing that ifthat baby hadn't died I wouldnt even be alive right now. I still think my mom remembers her birthday too cuz she lights a candle once a year and let's it burn all night.. Sorry for adding to the Debbie downer =X
  • I really enjoy when our downer moments can pool together and we can discover that so many of us have similar experiences. It's one of my favorite things about this place. The train of thought of "What if..." is one that I have managed to erase from my life since the birth of my son because everything I've regretted that would make a change in my current life or the events that went down in it happened before he was born, and all of the "What if..."'s that reduce my suffering mean that I never would have had him, which is a thought I avoid, a terrible thought. I really like Claude's "What if..." though, it doesn't hold the negativity that a lot of them can, even though it is obviously a really sad subject and something to have the appropriate amount of sad-respect towards - if you know what I mean?
  • Yeah I get what you mean. In one sense it's hard for me to be sad for something that was never there for me, but in another sense very easy because of all the happiness she could have brought not only me, but our family friends, who are all generally pretty depressed.
  • it's the clocks!
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