TTG For anything other than Windows

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Hello everyone, So today I downloaded the TTG app from the website. I was disappointed to see it was done in .NET and therefore needed Windows. Being an avid supporter of Open Source technologies, I only have Linux computers lying around. This is a guide to help people with this situation. 1.) Find Wine 1.5, the important thing here is to make sure it is 1.5+. I tried with the 1.4 that comes native on my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS install and that would not work. 1.) Debian 1.) Follow the instructions here... 2.) OSX 1.) Delete OSX and Install Linux ( I keeeeeeed ;) ) 2.) 2.) Download and extract TTG 3.) From any terminal, navigate to the directory with TTG.exe and run "wine TTG.exe" Seems to work just fine.


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