What song has made you feel crazy ?



  • 1. Thank you for resurrecting this thread! 2. Thank you for joining! 3. I think your cousin had the purest form of Animal-Collective-Song-That-mAde-You-Feel-Crazy. 4. I think you had the second best and you will actually remember it!
  • I appreciated the story Lylas! The story with your cousin shows that one can simply lose theirself in the music. How scary was it though?
  • hey light for sure. YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH
  • The song Slippi is making me feel crazy. I have a sudden urge to listen to it while doing any sort of homework and singing along no matter what the time is.
  • HA I WAS SO SCARED!!! HE WAS SO GONE! I THOUGHT SHIT I HAVE BROKEN MY SWEET LITTLE COUSIN WITH TRIPPY MUSIC! no really. i was scared. but i have learnt its in his nature to get into stuff like that; i only exposed him to animal collective because i believe him to be a child musical prodigy, which his experience only proved it! i am really just happy to be in a place where my anco thoughts fall on ummm open ears! Thanks to all for the love!
  • The first time I listened to For Reverend Green I experienced Euphoria unparalleled. I dont know if I have witnessed so much beauty in my life ever.
  • welcometonarnia: i think reverend green depicts so perfectly "the pendulum of life" NAW I THINK IZ ALRIGHT TO HAVE A BABY NAW I THINK IZ A RIOT do do do do do do do life man. LIFE.
  • Yep, I'd have to say For Reverend Green. That song is everything that can never be put into words, someone try and describe the type of emotion that song conveys, It's insane no words! Also Visiting Friends makes me feel kind of Insane because I never want it to end, and most of Indian makes me feel completely sideways. Although, all of these in a way make me feel more comfortable and at ease with the detachment I sometimes feel from reality and a vast majority of people, who whilst i suspect are just as weird as me often pretend they aren't :)
  • avey makes me crazy! though sometimes he's just lazy! and it gets hazy!
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