overall feeling AnCo gives you

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i hope to god a thread similar to this has been made, but alas, the search function is long gone. what feeling/emotion do you most often feel while listening to the great animal collective? i either feel nostalgic or adventurous most of the time. occasionally i can be scared or frightened (r u als0 frytind?)


  • I'm guessing there has been threads like this...
  • I feel... different, when listening to AC. I think foreign is a better word for it. They definitely give me a differently feeling than any other artist/band I listen to.
  • free i guess. They inspire me to take my own path and not subscribe to anything but me. They be them and are still cool so why cant I be me and be cool?
  • Yeah i once had this discussion with a friend, see I'm also a big Radiohead fan and the two bands are completley non comparable to me but my friend and I were just talking about music we loved and i lay it out like this: Radiohead put nearly everything I understand and feel about myself in this incredibly emotional and visceral space You know what they know. However Animal Collective create everything I Don't yet understand, everything that cannot be put into words really, everything that is beyond our reach and for that reason I think they are the most important creative force of our lifetimes. At least of my lifetime :)
  • i like radiohead
  • Listening to Animal Collective makes me feel like I'm on a Quest through a Dream-like world trying to find Enlightenment. The journey is fascinating; sometimes beautiful, other times uncomfortable, but always magical.
  • TreeRoots your words are perfect. Im getting a radiohead tattoo this weekend !
  • Sweet! Please post a picture at your convenience :) What are getting?
  • I shall do so. Im getting the Kid A bear on my shoulder
  • Very cool. I'm going to get an AnCo tattoo sometime in the future.
  • I contemplated getting an AC one but I have to plan it out. I think getting Feels in the writing thats on the album would be sick.
  • Agreed, I'm searching for the right thing to be applied to my body. I'm not going to get a tattoo until either I meet someone that wants to get a tattoo with me in Australia or I visit America. I was thinking something Down There related, like a modified cover art alligator or something. That album kind of represents a part of my life that I want to always remember, and tattoos are good for that.
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    I don't think I have the dinero for a tatoo right now. If I ever got a tatoo it would be the visualization of a Peacefish getting forund eating a Popeyes chicken wing.
  • Terrortoast has a peacebone tattoo. Tats are forever and you'll always like or love AC. Just never EVER tattoo a name other than MOM on you, trust me, coverups can be expensive. Animal Collective makes me feel: sympatico intoxicated lost
  • Yeah I've seen a picture of Toast's tattoo, I like it a lot.
  • i love the feels idea. it has universal apeal as well as personal apeal. if i were to ever get a tatoo that would be it. Well probably not since sombody else came up with the idea. GAHHH!!!!!! Well it's a great idea anyway.
  • I thought so too. The idea is up for grabs Sagey- Radiohead was the first love of my life, but AC comes next. Pretty nervous for my first one today though, needles petrify me
  • Don't think of it as a needle... think of it as a pain stick! :D
  • Muuuuch better
  • I heard that after a minute or two you go numb and can't feel much pain, and I don't think it is that painful anyway, not like I would know personally right.
  • Yeah I'm hoping so. I mean it's a pretty basic design and just in black ink, just worried about the boney parts. I'm sure it'll be worth it
  • boy how i regret getting this papa roach tattoo back in 2001!
  • though i still have love for the roach!
  • viva la cookie raja!
  • he doesn't really have any tattoos. I should know. I [u]should[/u] know, I'm a medical doctor. I own a mansion and a yacht.
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    bangtidy! :(|) ac makes me feel BANG TIDY!
  • but also DANG hidey! hola!
  • You guys mentioned Radiohead - I think currently it's my favourite band along with AnCo (why am I not on a Radiohead forum??) I sort of feel like Radiohead makes cool, serious music that just happens to be awesome and heartfelt in a detached sort of way (Weird Fishes anyone?) AnCo I think is different in that it is awkward, definitely-not-cool music that is very much from the heart and makes me nostalgic for a life I haven't really lived (ain't no small towns in Malta, we're basically a concrete lump).
  • i wanna drink a malt in malta after taking a bath in bath!
  • just don't knock anoka! or ila knock yr bloke orf!
  • My dear sir, are you high?
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    No he isn't, ze druggles don't like him!
  • No, he's G.O.[!]
  • this is my first de-railed thread :')
  • Join the club bro! I think I have 3-6 derailed threads at least.
  • hahaha welcome to the show! i live in Ila so i get the Ila reference.
  • you live in the land BETWEEN worlds!
  • the spaces between the friction! you know?
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