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Firstly, greetings to one and all. I've been meaning to find an Animal Collective forum for ages now, so finally got my arse into gear this weekend - mainly because I've (at long last) just watched ODDSAC. I'd say I've been a pretty avid AC fan for about 3 years now but I was slightly dubious about the whole ODDSAC concept (didn't think I'd enjoy the visuals etc.) and it was always really expensive when I looked so kept putting it off. Anyway, bought it in the end and I'm absolutely blown away with it - it's far surpassed my expectations. Musically I enjoyed 'Screens', 'Tantrum Barb' and 'What Happened' the most. 'Tantrum Barb' is such a delightful high after enduring the long psychedelic visualization sequence in 'Urban Creme', and I though 'What Happened' was an exhilarating ending. Visually, I think the opening sequence with the fire dancers, and the camp/marsh mallow & vampire scenes made me smile the most. Sorry that my first post is just me rambling about AC.. but none of my friends like them so, meh.


  • It's a GOOD thing here when your posts are rambling on about AC. It's a Very Good thing when you take the time to introduce yourself (hail and welcome!!!) We like AC. A lot.
  • I was honestly scared by some of the scenes in odd sac, especially fried camp. But I know what you mean, none of my friends like AC either so I don't have anyone to talk to about it
  • Welcome! We are AC nerds! We ramble on about random EP's and shit! My favourite scene is inbetween the initial scene and the creek scene where all the epileptic stuff happens. I'm embarassed that I don't know the name of the songs but honestly I treat ODDSAC as more as a psychedelic movie than an album.
  • The Animal Collective Expeirience featuring their ODDSAC.
  • Is it just me, or is it pronounced Odd Sack? ...
  • Odd Sack it is. I think. I love ODDSAC
  • I love it when he explodes all colors of paint. I wish my blood was paint. I'd be filled with purple
  • (great movie)
  • you watched it but did you really SEE it? ...
  • haha MoonDog.
  • the blink, it appears. hooray!
  • still havent seen this :( idek how long ive known about it... i am disappointed in myself
  • I still have only seen it on my computer and not the actual DVD version.
  • I was surprised, I got the dvd, but the quality didn't seem very high for a dvd. It was all pixelated. Did anyone else experience this?
  • Yeah. It's a DVD. They need to bluray this ho. That would be awesome
  • Well it seems I didn't miss out then.
  • I don't have a bluray player but I would download that ho.
  • we must stop blue ray from happening! they're trying to transition / force it upon everyone! oh dear god? WE MUST STOP THEM!
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    I don't have a Blu Ray either, but they should have at least have made a HQ DVD.
  • i kinda like it being glow-fi! if anything imagine had they made it a VHS and purposefully made it all warped like it was some found tape from years ago! i guess people would have found that too gimmicky!
  • I thought the DVD quality was good actually.. maybe a couple of places where I noticed pixelation, but it didn't detract from the video for me. I think it depends if you're used to watching Blu Ray films (I'm not). It's easy to get used to the quality of things like improved media formats, and pretty soon you don't appreciate it until you go back a step!
  • I've never actually seen a blu ray dvd in my life. I have seen one of those hi-def televisions though, those are scary! The quality wasn't that bad, just on some of scenes the pixelation was distracting, such as the kaleidoscope-like scene.
  • I saw ODDSAC live in Atlanta and own the DVD but never really watched it...I have listened to it, though. I have trouble sitting still for movies unless I am in a theater in the dark.
  • Yeah I have to be in a certain mood to watch movies, but when I am in that mood, I watch like, 3-4 in a row.
  • Just watched ODDSAC again: 2 things! - Firstly; I love the way they produced this. Having read about the way they passed it back and forth with Danny Perez during production made me watch it more closely this time. I remembered reading some belligerent review saying "...I thought all movie sound-tracks were about making a sound which fitted with the film" but he/she so didn't get it. They did this is a kind of Chinese whispers way: You visualize what you hear *pass* we create music to what we see *pass* You visualize what you hear etc. - Secondly, who is that dude who keeps flashing up in 'Tantrum Barb' (the drumming on the beach song) in the blue jacket/White vest with long black hair & beard? I can't work out what era he is supposed to be from! He reminds me of a Roman Chariot racer; like he's whipping the reins from the carriage! I'm probably way off there, his attire doesn't look right - but I think AnCo like you to have your own interpretation.
  • Most of the guys are in the movie, I always assumed Noah was under that blonde wig. I've seen it 4 times now
  • Noah is indeed under the wig. He wore that when they toured Europe in '04. Also, you can tell cause of the spastic drumming style aha. Best visuals: Tantrum Barb Best music: Mr. Fingers IMHO anyway
  • geo is the angry whippin the reins (of heaven!) dude! both tantrum and fingers have a GREAT audio/visual connection barbule is just blissful stimulation overload! fingers has the emotional pull! (cuz we can't hold back the black goo!) and they're coming after you! (it's what they DO)
  • just watched this! it was exactly what i expected. awesome i was weirded out by the quality. it's awkwardly between hi and lo-fi. i like how they filmed it with film cameras, but it seems sort of digitalized. i could be wrong though, it just seems like film. actually, not film, tape. there's a big difference. what this movie couldve used is a talented director of photography. some of those moving tripod shots - YIKES!
  • also, the screen was black when i tried to watch it on my bluray. anyone else experience this?
  • blue ray is the past man! VHS is the future! life after lazer diskies!
  • I have a VHS tape of the Batman & Robin movie, possibly one of the worse movies ever made, but it makes me laugh so hard. [img]http://i.qkme.me/3557c3.jpg[/img]
  • in the future we'll ALL be on VHS! watch us!
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