• well, fuck me. good for him. what a nice letter, really covers all his bases and feels genuine. [quote=joshdibbs]"...It's more like fatal perfectionism."[/quote] i sure can sympathize with that, indeed. that's a tough one.
  • I have this idea that I shit solid gold bricks. Even a recording that does not sound perfect can be appreciated, for example: Some of the Grateful Dead's most charished albums are their live recordings. If Deakin cannot find studio rdcordings he is satisfied with then I might suggest that he releases a live album. Perhaps some would be dissapointed but I would definetly appreciate the rawness and energy of a live recording.
  • No doubt. It's not a rational thing, though. Just an emotional thing. He'll find something he's satisfied with, eventually.
  • Good Guy Deak, I can truly have empathy for him.
  • just wonder why the heck he did!
  • ^huh? god dammit deeks! cuz it's bin too oblong! Jan 2010 FOUR YEARS LATER! and it's not even in sight / probably won't come out THIS year either! what is he DOING! JUST WONDERING WHAT THE HECK HE did!
  • one day it will all be clear
  • the queerest of the queer!
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