SLIPPI: THE MUSIC VIDEO CLICK HERE ----> <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> m --> (for some reason it isn't embedding itslef! gah!) can't remember if i ever posted this on the board before? would be weird if i have not! ... i don't want to say too much about it... maybe later! ... it was from like November of 2008 and i regret a few choices but for the most part i was DAMN happy with how it turned out... oh and SPOILER: if you have never heard slippi backwards then you are in for a treat... i guess i shouldn't have spoiled this but i just got to say the first time i thought to listen to it backwards it was a HOLY CRAP! moment... and nothing can compare to hearing it for the first time! ahaha! no time for speeches i'm just here to check the meter! but a few words for each of the major players are in order! we tigers ... yr mah rock! ... can't believe you've only been here like a year and yet have nearly double my # of post-it notes! ... yr this board's MAINE attraction! hoho! winilula ... our fearless leader! ... well kind of... you keep the vibes damn positive on here and try to make everyone feel welcome! ... you keep out the patio heaters! terrortoast ... you too brought new life / blood to the board! ... and you prove that toast isn't always terror-bull! KidGrizzly ... you may be trapped in david bowie's mind for all eternity but somehow i don't think that's such a bad thing! 156curses ... we love mew! (and by that i mean YOU!) ... you tried to escape but try as you will to get out you keep getting pulled back in (we can only hope!) Shinsy ... ze shinsy will change yr life! Phantom ... yr spirit haunts this board like a ghost! ... come back to us, baby! derekcollectbone ... it is good to know someone like you is here to collect all the bones! you know? deadfly ... you've always been a sort of DEAD FLY ON THE WALL to this board but sometimes the strangers are more comfy within the ice friction! Shallfish ... you will make us a fisher of MEN! (and that's OKAY!) yukbon ... unlike Mr. Yuk you make me wanna shake my bon bon (sorry) hateradio ... you made this place! ... and hell we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for that! ... there wouldn't even BE a here! ... come by and say hello if you please! Clayson93 ... yr upbeat can-do attitude is fun and yr THE GUY! (tabelz knows what i'm talking about) Tabelz ... oh yeah... he KNOWS Paige ... page me any time! Penny Dreadful ... well one thing is for sure... yr not dreadful! ... or full of dread! except for that one giant one... on top of yr head! (there's a mouse in the house!) Immortal_Apathy ... it would be immoral and apathetik to not give YOU a nod! dogboy ... you ARE the dogboy! Birdee ... yr dead and were my only enemy on this board! but i still love you! and all the little guys who may not have as many posts [don't feel bad! i can't name them all! though that would have been fun too!] but anywho yeah yr the future of the board (possibly) ... the AC dot org! ... FAMBLY! anywho i finally made it! [size=200][b][color=#FFBFFF]1000[/color] [color=#FF40BF]Posts[/color]! [/b][/size] eyah! edit: and jeez... thanks to THESE cool dudes for making THE MUSIC!: [img]http://www.magnetmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/09/animalcollective360b.jpg[/img]


  • WHOA! That video was insane. You got me at first, it seemed chill and peaceful with (you?) running after a cat and weird coloured (i'm temporarily european) trees and then all the sudden these subliminal images slip in between and it all SLIPPIS backwards and there are strange faces!!!!! I thought the music sounded awesome but I was far too disturbed to appreciate it! anyways... Congrats! What an amazing acceptance speach (that's what it sounded like anyways!). I guess if I had to give one to you it would be like this: G.O.! ...you are the Kramer to my Elaine...it was sad and empty when you played that six month vanishing game on us all but at least now we'll never take you for granted...you make me laugh and scratch my head...that's a good thing?
  • Oh, G.O., I loved it. It made me smile and it made me laugh and i just loved it. Thank you for sharing! I love your beagle! And thank you for the kindness you shared with everyone during your 1000 post award acceptance speech. You are the weird Dad of the board, to me. Which makes you my husband. Oh God!
  • [size=100][b]WOW.[/b][/size] and I mean [size=200]W-O-W-G-O.[/size] What a lovely post. CONGRATS! 1000! YOU MADE IT! And a wonderful backwards video that made me go "[i]Woaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh....[/i] seriously? how have I never heard this?" I am honoured that you were able to make it through the quiet dark times of the female outbreak on AC.org....I guess what I'm trying to say is, you make me laugh! And question my own sanity. And I am thankful for that. [img]http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_leq9475RzV1qftg2ao1_500.gif[/img]
  • Congrats, G.O.!
  • very well done maybe we can all aspire to be someone, you make a funny feeling in my gutsy wutsy but seriously though, no in-out today love i came to check the meter, or smash the eggiewegs, either way what a lovely post and mention MAKES CLAY HAPPEZ <3
  • 200!! thought i would put it our there, friendsy wendsy !
  • wow.. what a cool 1000th post !
  • oh man... all 4 of ze lovely ladies who just HAPPEN TO HAVE MORE POSTS THAN ME [ <!-- s>__< --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/mad.gif" alt=">__<" title="mad" /><!-- s>__< --> ] show up... i did not expect that! thanks everybody! i was so worried that i had nothing special/*SECRET* to post for #1000 but then thought "wait... the slippi vid!" ... how could i forget! ... it must have been fate i think this could be a fun year for the board... last year we had ODDSAK+AVEY and this year we get PANDA+DEEKS... and SHOES (songs 4!) and new AC songs?!! this train ain't slowing down yet! edit: in the time i wrote THIS post a new one has shown up! ... i see you penny! shakin' that sass!
  • [quote=" Clayson93 ... yr upbeat can-do attitude is fun and yr THE GUY! (tabelz knows what i'm talking about) Tabelz ... oh yeah... he KNOWSquote] what does he know that i dont, why are you keeping this from me ! tell ME
  • You are one awesome guy, GO. I am glad to be a fisher of YOU! Reading this inspired me to draw a picture of all of us together. I have no clue what you all would look like so i'd make us all animals. Hopefully i have the talent to pull this off.
  • Dude if you pull it of you got to post a picture of it !
  • sounds awesome! I want to be a tiger!
  • please please please i want to see this, just dont make me into a gloop of clay !! thats if you include me sir !
  • make me a monkey! <!-- s>__< --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/mad.gif" alt=">__<" title="mad" /><!-- s>__< --> i greatly fear the Tigers 2K! TOO SOON!
  • but you have a bobcat in your picture! I'm pretty apprehensive about it too! I have to come up with something frighteningly awesome.
  • [quote]edit: in the time i wrote THIS post a new one has shown up! ... i see you penny! shakin' that sass![/quote] [size=200]TEARS.[/size] SHOES! MARCH! I'M SO EXCITED FOR MINE TO COME. NEW AC TRACKS ON TAPE. NEW PANDA AND DEEKS. NEW AC SEXINESS ALL AROUND. I'm [b]bursting[/b] with excitement. I obviously must be a Cat. In a [color=blue]BUCKIT HAT.[/color]
  • Oh man, I busted my leg up today. Which means i dont have to go to school tomorrow. Which means i can start on it tomorrow. Which means.. yeah. YEAH
  • GEEEEEEE OHHHHHHHH i am ze shinsy and i will change your life! (change your wife's diapers!) this is my attempt to make a G.O. style post!...will i choke? a tribute to you! greatest hits of the G-man!
  • that was pretty great! you forgot to put your as yr though!
  • Oh god! <!-- s>__< --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/mad.gif" alt=">__<" title="mad" /><!-- s>__< -->
  • everytime i hear "Oh, god!" I think of GO
  • wasn't included, :'(
  • As soon as I saw that yours was the most recent post, I realized that your feelings might be hurt, and also those of anyone else. And that made me feel bad. I hope my willingness to take some of your pain on is enough to make you not really feel bad. And if you really didn't feel bad, then, oops, tee hee. <!-- s:oops: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/redface.gif" alt=":oops:" title="redface" /><!-- s:oops: -->
  • When i was reading that list, i often wondered when would it end. It was a long list. And it would probably be easy to forget someone. but notice, at the end of the list, he uses a general shout out to the people who dont post as much or the people he forgot.
  • haha i dont mind i mean im pretty new here and dont have that many posts
  • so what yr saying is... the dude abides!
  • i saw this video last year and i should've known from whence it came! you're a crazy dude G.O. thank you for the awesome video i'm going to go reverse slippi all the way now, thanks
  • haha! thanks! i always wonder if people could find it on the you tube... it was a LOT easier before they started playing SLIPPI LIVE of course... <!-- s:( --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/sad.gif" alt=":(" title="sad" /><!-- s:( --> reverse SLIPPI combined with Pullhair Grubeye makes you wonder about reversing all sorts of AC... and beyond!
  • Ahhh Good Country, sounds pretty crazy in reverse, i'm gonna start investigating some of their other songs
  • i should post that "fake mashup" of Street Flash with some Depeche Mode song... it sounded DAMN cool gah dammit!
  • you should post every crazy thing you've ever done.
  • We'd need to contribute for a bigger server.
  • The FAKE MASHUP of Street Spirit Flashers and Depeche Mode PLEJUR LIL TREASURE: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://soundcloud.com/glazed/st-flesh-d-moted-ac-vs-dm">http://soundcloud.com/glazed/st-flesh-d-moted-ac-vs-dm</a><!-- m --> keep in mind that it is REALLY cheapy and yr brain really has to just kind of adjust to filter out the aspects that don't work so well and put yr focus on the things that DO strangely work dang swell 2 get her! i don't know but somehow they just seem magik to me in certain moments! ... the way certain things MESH! and this is somewhat close at times to what i imagine for DANCE DANCE REMIX version of certain AC songs... if only i had the ACTUAL talent to make what i imagine in my poor brain! but yeah... check it out and don't expect too much but man if you could hear it how i hear it you'd DAMN dig it! try it!
  • hells bells!
  • the belles of hells! dancing in the halls TAKING DOWN THE MALLS little furry balls
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