Where the hell is everybody? (2015 SOS)

Newbie here. Seemed like such a great place back in the day. Anybody here from the year 2015? God, I'm so lonely.


  • I'm from the year 1993, is that ok?
  • Hell yes, that's fine. How's the economy
  • Shit but the rap is dope
  • I joined the site in 2010 or 11. Seems like merriweather really increased the number of people joining the site lol
  • sorry I've been gone for a while
  • they'll be back they ALWAYS come back... (cept when they don't!) lousy peach fuzz phish! :angry:
  • Hi! Am I still a mod?
  • let's find out! [DELETE PEACH FIZZ PHISH!] guh!
  • can't believe in 2012 he lived like literally 10 min away from me and we never damn met... last I heard he not only gave into alky at college but gweedo AND the lsd... oh how the young him of 17 would have been like "no way man! i'm never giving into the drinking and the druggles!" ... but then comes? The Struggles! guh guh GUH!
  • WHERE! IS! EVERY BODY! :rage:
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  • let's get back to those mini song tributes! ... starting with danse / indian... moving towards Holland / crack box!
  • I would, but there's no one here. Even when people were around I couldn't get people to finish stuff. We were so close to finishing Feels.
  • yes! Strawjam went GREAT and we almost expanded out to MPP / Feels and I did GODSAK and then it would have gone forwards backwards to like... Sung Tongs / Chaz ... then Indian / Panting w/!!! after that all bets were off but i'm sure spirit/danse/Holland/crampfire/etc wouldn't be far behind! then the EPs! ooh it was so good a idear but people suck!
  • Peacefish got into drugs and alcohol? Teens are so fun to watch transform.
  • Marijuana makes his day
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