The Secret Lost Tapes (The Movie!) [akka AC Sub-Urban Creamy

*CHAOS! [setting the scene] (*OPENING*) <a forest field of sorts> imagine a geo! in the growing grass... the ewoks tremble around him! that's poppy cock! :x VOSTOK!!! :thisdog: That Dog! (cuz he's YOUR doggie!) [you put him up that tree didn't you you sick psycho dalek duck avey swimming thru the waters!] THE TREE FOUNTAIN OF DEATH! ... so basically it will be a movie ... about AC (at first) ... like semi-fictional / semi-REAL (but also music and movie coming together) but then like Exit the Gift Shoppe BANKSY Mr. Self Destruct it changers gears and becomes the story of Slippi Werewolf and Mental / Metal Mr. Pink (The Ghost of Dead Pokolo too!) wherein we build THE CABIN of 2012 ... setting off a chain reaction of our DEATHS becoming THE ALBUM but then we are frozen into a spaceship that heads off to Shebulba! and a ball is released! and for 200 years this ball bounces around and changes the sound SOMEHOW with each bounce (like quack-powered cars of ducks and if they stop quacking robotic spoons hit them!) but never the less after the 200 Year Ball Song we bust out of the freezers Anti-Dead style and just start dancing! shebulba was but a pawn! in a game of cosmic PING PONG! GRINKLORP! so it ends with us going to the REAL place MEKANOS! The Exodust of the End Game! what we find at the TOP of the LIGHT HOUSE ion the House of Light is THE LIGHT that blinds! reverses REWINDS and we find our (anti?)heroes on a (mis?)adventure back in time where they are trying to solve the mystery OF THE LOST AC TAPES! that were stolen out of avey's trunka! 24 hours of lost jams that were secretly the key TO EVERYTHING! there was ulterior motives to our hidden agenda though! with the HYPER-INTERTELLIGENT VELOCIRAPOTRS (that wear little Sherlock holmes caps! and smoke pipes! and SOLVE CRIMES!) hot on our tale (but they are actually our ALLIES!) [it is the Hyper-Dimensional Shadow Demons <PHANTOM PHOBOS> that our the real enemies!]]] but we're all out of enemas! FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK WE! (the satan metal enemy!) look to the ducks, young grasshoppers! FIND A CURE! and the Emmit Knight Shwarma Lllama Ding Dong in Ping Pong to King Kong (diddy too!) twist? turns out WE were the ones that stole the tapes! so we in effect went to the end of time only to find we had to go back and find out who took the tapes and save / recover said tapes and come back to 2012 but WE WERE THE ONES THAT STOLE THE TAPES ...and then we start building ourselves a cabin... A BALL FLOATS SILENTLY AND ETERNALLY IN THE DARK VOID OF SPACE Among the stars... WATCH THE SKIES FOR MAGIK INFO :flail: <please don't throw this in the garbage this is very important to me> [and it includes EVERYTHING that relates to Animal Collective, Collected Animals, The Rise and Fall of the Furry Friendship of One Mr. Pink and Ash (some sorta Slippery Mutant Wolfman!] a hairy beast! The Fury of the Furious Furries! :x Let's Go!


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