what planet am EYE from? uh... the 3rd! PLOP GLOWS ZE URRRRR thuh! I MUST GLOW WAH NOW MEIN HOMO CAPTAIN SRGNT KRNL SHPLANET NEEDETHS MEEeee eee! /// [b]well good luck with your angry anxious depressed free-spirited open minded new age well adjuncted left-wing liberal SJW feminist/queer/all-inclusive oh so caring safe space bitch catfight bored board or whatever you ducks have made it into that even the frickin BAND ANIMAL COLLECTIVE WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU (ooh hoo!) because lord knows any time avey’s in town we hang out and talk and he seems to dig me AKKA attak Cavity upon THY TEETH THEY IS… full of petty assholes and closet-minded malfunctioning freaky droids! 23 skidoo! … you made you bed in a godless HELLshire of LIES and DECEIT and BICKERING and STUPIDITY and PSEUDO-INTELLECTUAL FAUX ANTI-HIPSTER “HIPSTERDOM” DOOFUS GROM now you can just lie in that shit and smother it ALL over yr eYeless monkey eyes… and carb BUNK hell’s SILKY smooth pies covered in toast! buttered! EYAH! feelin’ like a werewolf since 2005 oh I had a LIL slippi alright! I had one… FOREVER! signing out / off bad day and bad lucker mucker! SLIPPI WEREWOLF IV IN SPACE GEO METRIC SHEEP ::: THE ONLY GIRL ON THE BOARD the biggest and best and oldest AC fang of AKKA who represented the TRUE meaning of CHIMBLE where-in avey gravey himself said I made his very fave. post / thread back in the day and deekin sent me a long personal EMULE giving advice (for LIFE!) you just lost yr best membular… again… for the billionth of cubic White Ape time and this time I really tried to keep the peace / spread the glove + sinsanity! catch ya’ll on ze flipside or probably not maybe 10 years from now when you all GROW THE FUCK UP and the few remainers will actually be saners! dumb dumb dizzay! HEY HEY! it’s time to go play! LET’S GO OUT SEXPLORING til we totally CAN remember our name and that name? LORD SANE! eyah![/b] EYAH! eyooooo!!!!!! :expressionless: :ANGRY: :angry: :cookie: :dizzy: :trollface: :star: :warning: :weary: :yum: :dizzy: :cookie: :wink: :x :joy:


  • maybe later i'll post pics of ME in booty shorts just to show how pro I am I am! :angry: ... AND update you EVERY damn day the colourp / style whatever of whichwhom never panties I shall be wearing (hipster!) ... or NOT wearing (oh ho ho!) ... maybe not today ... maybe not tomaury... but SUM DAY (later that day!) ... I could even wear a dress! (that'll learn ya!)
  • we like to have fun here... THE ONLY RULE IS THERE ARE NO RULES! (and also no snippity / jerky / judgey people... esp. black male trans ciswomen of colourp [in wheelchairs[ ON ASHID]]] ... cuz no body trumps THAT body (wait we're judging the merits of what people can say online based on the color of their skin that we can't see and sex and or gender / sexuality? that seems kinda weird! kinda racist / sexist... kinda gay hey!) ... but yeah ... you won't find no "trigger warnings" here! no sir hehe blob! ... WE R UNFILTERED HERE! (we are who we are!) and baby we was born this way (to be mild! and sometimes? GIRLS PING PONG TO HONG KONG DIGGY KONG GONE WRONG WYLD!] ... stallions! ... educated horses... THINGS... horrible things... he's said... THOUGHT... he has THOUGHT and expressed honestly / ironically / provocatively / satirically / fuckin shit up style / don't thinkingly / dancingly / homosexually / girly girl-ily GOOOOOOooo ... he's thought / said "Questionable Things" ... but you know what? ALL HAVE FALLEN SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD TO BE THY HIGHEST! (VOTE 4 TRUMP!) ... let's DUMP the grumps! (thanks a LOT go-bama <_< ... shillary! ... slick willy raping women and Hillary covering it up and Bernie in the bathroom ... FREAKING out.. larry david giving muhammed in an elmo costume a grow/girl boner jurb and jesus / pika chu / ash / BROCK! just warshing... their hands!
  • but in all reality I actually did march in the PDX / PNW Pride Parade and be involved in a queer / feminist space back in MPLS so screw you y'all you don't know me... you don't know me! ... lest he without singe cast the first fuckin stoners god damn pot heads! ... how about you go shut it fratty! :x guh! ... you didn't know me... NO BODY DID! ... so fuck y'all... ALL of y'all ... esp y'all? who think they can ime be what I never was or shall be... me! ... yr the ones who prayed for me / made me! ... AIDS dead me! ... guh! ... cuz I yam whatever you say I yam (if I wasn't why the FUCK would I say that I am what you said or thought that I was? that would be a waste of EVERYONE's OH SO PRECIOUS TIME! ... well it's time for you PEOPLE! :x to TURN IN2 something! ... i'll AC-ya later Gator! (and really what could be greater than GeROWLF with a Gay Ally Gate uh huh her!
  • p.s. (P.O.S. you lil S Oh Bees!): ... we should have NEVER have gotten avey arrested / left ze eye gland... I ... was wrong... (I ADMIT when I am wrong like an ACTUAL MATURE ADULT unlike you froggy freak fucks!! guh!) ... but it might not be too late... to re-create all the things eye hate (and I HATE hate! makes me I-rate...) ... esp. when i'm wearing my silky pink Victoria's secret panties... and matching bra! (and this furry monkey! and MAURY (yes maury!) is fucking me up the anal passage Preacher / CLARKY style... (all cuz I didn't play him enough OH TEK BRA!_ ...//// FREE HAT! (and mumia al gira GAY BAR! /bra) dyslex SIKKK man fucks into a... stop LOOKIN at me you stupid swans! :ANGRY: :angry: or LARKING @ me girl I should say (GRIMM'S GRIMEY FAIRLY FAIRY FAIR TALES & SONIC KNUCK THE CUCK MILES PER HOUR POWER FOR MAKE THE FARE) ... peddle flower petals as you pet HELL flower powder pedos thru the SQUAW! ... [we have to go back...] ... ah the Grim CREEPER stalks the pander noah one @ mid-nightie (carby in a damn fright gown making out with boo's HAT! her HAT! I hope... that cat... got FAT! ) ... pig FUCK! :x ... ... quite the GRIMES these RHYMES whilst CLAIRE (she's seen the butcher! she's also cremtarded!) ... eyah! ... only in shit 4 ze monk mink TEA hehe! ... and ... oh god... oh god... we HAVE to go BACK... .... WE HAVE TO GO BAAAAAAACK!!!!!!
  • (in TRANS urination e-lation!)
  • ssssssssssssssssssssssome body gestapo meme! (it's always about MEME ME with YOU you people ] <what do EYE mea "youPPL?" baaaa!) wake up peep holes! ... like tiny little holy homeless holey moles digging for golden voles! ... ssssssssssmokin! [WE FREED THE INDIANS!] <INJUN ENGINE WHISTLER!>
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  • [code][/code]
  • [quote]sdfasdf[/quote]
  • [list=1] [*] [list] [*] [s][i][b][left][center][/center][/left][/b][/i][/s] [/list] [/list]
  • LOVE BUILDS /// HATE DESTROYS! (& I h8 H8 m8!) you know w0t mate? I got me enuff mates! YARRR ! matey 3! ... /// making me eye brow bra gr8! mastur-r8 me men mein furry little fiended furball friend!
  • cuz as you know... i'm all ABOUT fun!
  • you can't shut me up! YOU CAN'T SHUT ME UP!
  • in front of me! in front of me! NOT 2 SHELF: GET BILLY / Help Save His brain by DESTROYING said Organ Dorfy!
  • I am not The Ghost / (of the RO (Bobo RObot) ::: i'm a shoe xiu mang jack human mr. bean! guh! call me PEE WEE (4 prez 2016!) duckSPOON tippin on toppins (THE BIRD!) :::: THE ANDROID: "THIS IS THE VOICE OF UNITY333"
  • I've got a headache (in my PANTS!)
  • mein bum-ache destroyed the earth! a world without girls! WOMEN! men... BOYS! people! PEOPLE! please! (TELL THE MONKEHYS!) ///// shit god damn! i'm a man i'm a MANG! (i'm a MONG!) but i'm also Hmong! ello!
  • I've got THE FEVER / THE MAGIC ... and the only CURE / VIRAL INFECTION... is more Cow Utter Chaos Tits! (which you can't say on the wilco hates the radio!) ... ANT THE ARCTICA! ... it began in AFRIKKA and thus is shall end... Leon told me so... outside the castle... inside? DECAY... RADIATION... yule see!
  • AKKA akak attak / AKORN FAMBLY (feat. the Charles Manson Orchestra / FAMBLY on Ebonics...) .. was... a DISEASE... and Slippi? ... was well his name was Robert Dr. Smith! (the pain of shit all!) ... the smell the sweat the burgers... are crazy! (chestnuts? lazy!) ... well of COURSE I can! (well I couldn't before! ] [and after!] <you stunk my battles' Hip!) ...
  • talking is just masturbation without the mess
  • man must become beastly in order to rid himself the pain of being a mutant monkey into man! ... for man has DOMINION over the beasts... the animals! ... I am not an ANIMAL! I am a human being! a human doing / going! be 4 love-in! ...crispy muffin! CLOWNY CLOWN CLOWN! (a king without his sad krowne) [on ze ground!] into the sound...
  • man is an animal... MANIMAL ... animals are innocent... pure.. they can't REASON they can't RATIONALIZE they can't CONTEXTUALIZE they have primitive language fears and spheres and they fight all the time and randomly kill or rape each other or sometimes kill their siblings or mothers eat their young or the femme bitch grasshopper (dennis!) I mean lady bugger NO WAIT I MEAN PRAYING MANTIS (what is she praying for?) BITES HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF... you wanted a girl? so chop off his fucking dick and call him nancy, boy! ... LANCE BRUCE... Wayne! GARTH! elevator... spell u later... it all comes back to that motherfuckin gator! eating a child! ... so kill eat the animals protect the cis white heteromensh uber goober goblins ... women and children can go last for awhile and the muzzles and IS/IS slam u phobiks PHANTOM PHOBOS ON MARS can just kill all the gays and the ladies can cover it up fatty and you can't drink alky or eat food or whatever but you can beat the SHit OUT OF PEOPLE... MAKE gay merica Gated again ... vote for trump ... then later oprah or rosie oh god Donald HELL hell maybe trans women of colours (IN WHEELCHAIRS) whom are bi/pan/queer something else! gay sexual ... poly amourush proud sluts! selling sexy slugs in the marketplace to minks and monks! B E W A R E
  • u sexi lil sluggie / minx! ... I want mah binky black! ... and we're the girlie next door to the store where I implore for more gore! ... AL? nope!... GROPE! ... an ever-sucking vortex... made of ethann / alain... GORETEX..
  • dethink to survive
  • in order to destroy god... I must BECOME her daughter... or at least in cahoots!
  • that's poopy clock said ze geo logic-cyst...
  • oh I could tell you stories... but I won't! ... I ... must not... [[[[[[[suffice to say.... I've... SEEN... things... horrible things! things you would not believe! ... the secret of the universe HELL [*sigh*))) ...give it a try! ... i'd tell all of you and the world but no one would ever believe me even though I am speaking to you The Truth! ... but i'll be Maddie lynn and all bright even if yr all so fuckin... up tight! ... funny... one day all these talkerings / idears and garbled hidden logic that only I can seem to understand or find amusement in ... will be lost... like tears... in the rain... like tearings inside the brain... the world of the dead is a lonely palace for the living / forgiving... and i'm a nice guy! a GOOD person! too good for this earth... I guess I suppose I just wasn't made for these here times...
  • ok then... time 2 cry :( (4 shelp!) ... a loner dottie... a rebHELL rebel straight out of BAThell!
  • tears inside of the body the brain... like a mad mang / MENSH laughing at the rain...gone lord sane!
  • and i'll still be laughing... laughin' from ze groovy gravy gravey grovel in the shit! ... return to the earth / return to the stars... girls and Jupiter just get stupider... boys and mars? candy fuckin bars... the birth of the sun!
  • finally! eye have RE-BECOME at ease! everything is ME! ... pow!
  • forgive them Lord for they know not what they say or do!
  • you can fight against the evil the jerks the assholes the judgey the hippo crits the monster THE DEMONS (they're all around us / Ash!) but lest you make sure you stick around long enough to see yourself BECOME the Villa Elaine UNGULATE ... the hunger for human body flesh and mind connection intimacy ...but maybe you are enough... becoming a mutated mutilated monster of sorts... a demon yourself! ... A DANCING DEMON! ... you stared into the void of the soul-defying/decaying/dying sun and felt your faith evaporate... tired of the fight... sick and tired of being sick and tired... keeping up with all of the kids! ..being denied all the best ultra sex like some sorta faggot... jismISM and the cut of your Jib Or Orgasm PARADIGM SCHISM... and the Jigsaw Peaches light (MILLIONS)
  • ENTER: THE VOID... AVOID: THE NOID>.. into the void... tried to shave myself but mah slippi self was just too damn slippery! (when wet!) ... so as I stood on the shorey shores of HELL... just past the 2nd moon of the PHANTOM PHOBOS ... The Moon Inside the MISSION 2 MARS 2 too furious orgy! GEORGIE! ... blood pouring from mine eyes... I knew... there WERE no more helper monkies...
  • finally... I had BECOME a tease...
  • At Ease... like a happy pig... in a mind cage... full of nic pride rage... on panty bio-tecks...
  • and they all went dancing on the moon
  • I want you to know I read as much of this as I could.
  • oh dear god! I didn't want YOU/Lester to see this! THESE HANDS! [mary!
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