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I've added this feature now, so whenever you read a lyric from the site, you can make comments to it, and can also make suggestions if there is something wrong with it The comments are also available on the albums pages :]


  • true good to know.
  • Dearest Animal Collective, Brothersport is the ultimate motivational song for me. Currently i feel like a fuckup, as my younger sister is going away to school, while I live with my mother attending a local university, with hopes going to San Fransisco State. I have a problem expressing myself vocally, and transmitting my thoughts to words warrants a significant loss in meaning. Although brothersport was meant towards Matt, I cry while listening as i feel you are singing to my current situation. I am seeing you guys in Oakland at the Fox, and I am an inspiring musician. My financial problems are resulting me in considering selling my equipment, and I fear music as it is the most awkward form of artistic expression, as you fully put yourself out through a short period of music, moreso than a painting or drawing. I am looking forward to seeing you all in May, and am fascinated by your use of the korg kaoss pad and vintage Roland Juno synthesizers and modern roland samplers. I recently restored an old four-track reel to reel that I hope to record on in the nearing months. I feel that Animal Collective is the Velvet Underground of this generation, and anxiously await an onslaught of music inspired by the four (three) of you. Cheers! the new electric triangle
  • hey newelectrictriangle i don't know the full extent of your financial problems, but i am also a musician and i am also, coincidentally an comically, living with my parents. as a fellow musician i urge you to keep your equipment. although music can be a very emotionally revealing and sometimes painful form of expression if you love it you should stick with it
  • no he didn't stick with SHIT :(|) eyah!
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