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Does anyone know if Fuse is going to be covering Bonnaroo this year? I was really psyched about being able to see it last year on TV since I had two broken legs. Didn¹t mind the A/C and the couch but, unfortunately I¹m just too broke to make the trip this year.


  • I got an email the other day: [quote] Hey there! I wanted to let you and fellow Animal Collective fans know that as part of their “Fuse Fest” summer music festival programming, Fuse TV has just announced that it will be airing a concert special on June 20th highlighting the BEST performances from Bonnaroo ‘09. Tune-in to Fuse TV on June 20th 9pm/8c to catch "Fuse Fest: Bonnaroo 2009." If that’s not enough, Fuse will be counting down to Bonnaroo ’09 all month long with plenty of other Bonnaroo-related concert specials, including “Fuse Fest: Bonnaroo 2008,” a 1 hour show highlighting Bonnaroo ’08 performances from Metallica, Jack Johnson, Mastodon, Raconteurs and Pearl Jam on June 3rd at 10pm. After that. catch a night of Bruce Springsteen on June 11th starting at 8pm that includes a Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Concert, followed by “Bruce Springsteen: Making of Working on a Dream,” a special documentary on the making of the Boss's newest album premiering June 11th @ 10:30pm. For more Bonnaroo ‘09 information like trailers, photos and downloads head here: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->[/quote]
  • jeez how'd you break BOTH legs?
  • HOW'D YOU BREAK BOTH LEGGINGS! ahhhh! bone a ROO!~
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