• I went to bed 1/2 hour before you posted that.
  • [img][/img]
  • I like that shirt, TT. A lot of people I know have done that.
  • I read your sentence one way (a lot of people I know have made that same kind of shirt) and then read it the next day and understood it. (a lot of people I know have partied until they have no homes) I like to party and I like having a home. It is a nice combination.
  • haha, yes, I know a lot of people that have partied until they didn't have a home. I enjoy a combination as well (though I can't say I party anymore).
  • I don't like partying much, unless it involves marching around at night and being quiet and there's potstickers and/or cupcakes.
  • I think I'd feel awful bloaty if there were potstickers and cupcakes. Do you like marching, like in a marching band, parrumph toot toot?
  • What potstickers, if you don't mind me asking? Me and my friends are planning a great party for schoolies at the end of the year. hehehehehe.
  • steamed dumplings? Kind of like pasties, I guess? Except boiled/steamed? I didn't know pasty rhymed with nasty, not tasty. Ha, ha, ha.
  • Andrew WK. That is all.
  • [quote="KidGrizzly"]Andrew WK. That is all.[/quote] Is he nasty? or tasty? does he wear pasties? Every time I see the title of this thread I want to write... my pants.
  • He parties hard.
  • [youtube]
  • it is like a party in here, right now.
  • [size=200][b]pardy hardy.[/b][/size]
  • pity party! wicked plans evil deads!
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