Campfire Songs Poll

pretty straight forward, just pick your favorite song. you can only pick one because the album only has five songs. feel free to comment, in fact it'd be cool to know people's opinions, this is definitely one of my favorite AC albums. the poll will be up for two weeks


  • Yay! I love these polls. I'm going to have to listen through the album to decide a favorite. There is one that I could pick but, I want to be sure.
  • I need to get me some decent sound reducing headphones and be absorbed like this album, like I never have before. Then I shall cast my vote! (whats with my language in polls???) But from what I have heard... Edit;; This is a genuine vote, I said Two Corvettes. That melody is just so sweet - their vocals and the rain pattering in the background.. Its always stood out to me, as much as I have listened to these songs. De Soto De Son also sounds quite nice. I just think the whole vibe of the album is really down to earth - like while your listening to it, its like you sitting there under the porch with them, and the rain is surrounding all at night.
  • yeah i voted for Two Corvettes too. The whole album has an unbelievable presence surrounding it, all of the songs give me this warm feeling that's barely describable. I also love doggy, one of their best and most simplistic songs, the transitions throughout the album are perfect as well
  • I picked De Soto De Son. A wonderful closer to that album. It is hard for me to pick one though, because it always just seems like one continuous piece to me. I love Moo Rah Rah Rain.
  • I picked Doggy. It's such a sweet and soft song. I love that the tone of the music and the tone of the lyrics are really different if you don't know what they're saying.
  • DOGGLES! doggy is the song I listened to one night while falling asleep and realized that my life was awesome. It's the best song.
  • I had the same experience, TT. It was one of the first songs I had listened to by AnCo and when I realized what an epic band they were. Falling asleep listening to Doggy.
  • Really? Common experience eh? Maybe I should try that some time...
  • Gonna do it right now.
  • don't do it! it's a trick! he is the one! KILL him! doggles! trapped in dogHELLS with bells!
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