will someone please give me some of them so I can listen to it and decide if it's as awesome as I believe it may be???


  • <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> their first CD, .zip format. I didn't put it up there, but that's where I got mine. Just so you know, they aren't perfect but have a great feel. I think most of us here would agree that their second album is a bit more solid than their first (or I hope so at least). The first is a solid place to start, though. [youtube] this is also a killer version of one of their new songs.
  • Soooooooooo Wini, what do you think? <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile-1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" /><!-- s:) --> I really like Andrews outfit in that perfomance. I wonder where he shops..
  • it is an adorable outfit. Have you seen the pictures of him wearing those wonderfully red and white verticle striped pants? I love those.
  • I have not.
  • i'm sorry, i've searched the internet for a while and couldn't find it again. I've seen far too many pictures of Andrew Wyngarden that aren't so easy to find. It's a very true statement when I say 'I have a crush on that man'. He really does have an excellent taste in exciting pants, though.
  • Noah look alike looks like Andrew too. Especially since their hair was the same length and is still the same length after NLA got it cut. Also, Congratulations is better than Oracular Spectacular. It's my opinion, but it's the truth.
  • it is the truth. you are right Grizzy. It is far better, more solid, consistent and fantastic.
  • Yeah. Oracular Spectacular seems really, really uneven in sound and style. It's like one of those albums where the artist adds a bunch of filler songs after their singles got really big. Minus The Handshake and The Youth, those songs are top notch.
  • I think Future Reflections is brilliant too. But other than that I agree with you. There are some other great moments but they lose their zest quickly.
  • MGMT sucks
  • What makes you say that? Was it Oracular? Or Congratulations? Have you listened to Siberean Breaks!? I showed my big sister Congratulations and she likes the Kids sort of stuff better.. but idk. I do think they have some talent in songwriting.. specially SB.
  • That's just like, your opinion, man.
  • mmm....It's Working video is up and out. Cool stuff there.
  • [quote="KidGrizzly"]That's just like, your opinion, man.[/quote] your obviously not a golfer
  • I think Maps thinks this is CA. xD I don't see any point whatsoever in saying something sucks to a bunch of people who like them. Be constructive at least.
  • haha! Oh good one, Shinsy! We certainly aren't into hating here. Constructive dislike is certainly welcome but blatant hate isn't really that useful. At least they didn't say anything mean. anyways. Have you guys watched the Its Working video yet? I think its pretty cool. THat's probably my least favorite song off the whole album so i'm bound not to be madly in love with it.
  • Not yet. Waiting for the new billing period to start! Tomorrow!
  • I saw it. It's not too bad, but not the best either.
  • yeah, I agree. I love when a video makes you like a song even more, that one certainly didn't. Brosport did for me, I think. Also. I'm still blown away by how amazing The Handshake and Future Reflections are. I mean, those two songs I could listen to over and over again for a very long time.
  • So since hearing Congratulations live, I've been listening to the album again and it's grown on me. I can really appreciate it when I'm laying in bed on a cool summers eve. =3 I get to see MGMT again tomorrow in Seattle! Can't wait!
  • Lucky thing! MGMT are cool kids. love em.
  • I would love to see them once but I think I blew too much money when I went and saw Ween to spend money on a trip to Boston... I got my Siberian Breaks (record store day) 12" single in the mail yesterday. Ordered it from Rough Trade. Its got some of the blue marbling, which is nice, I just wish it had more. Too bad my record player is temporarily broken because I can't wait to listen to it.
  • it does stink! Luckily I know what is wrong with it (I think) and I can cheaply buy a part off the internet. Its just a matter of willing myself to spend money.
  • MGMT are okay. I hate it when they compare Animal Collective to them though. Animal Collective cannot be touched in the Indie music scene. <!-- s:down: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/down.gif" alt=":down:" title="down" /><!-- s:down: -->
  • [quote="Immortal_Apathy"]MGMT are okay. I hate it when they compare Animal Collective to them though. Animal Collective cannot be touched in the Indie music scene. <!-- s:down: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/down.gif" alt=":down:" title="down" /><!-- s:down: -->[/quote] Agreed! I think they are okay too listen too every once in a while. I think they are a tad bit overrated, most of their songs are about how good sex feels anyways. (Judging on every thing ive heard by them.)
  • they certainly aren't.......I mean...I think there is only one song that is related to sex? and it was one of the ones they got signed on their label for.... my favorite thing is the story of MGMT in regards to their first album. It makes it a very interesting piece of art. I was listening to Congratulations again today and was reminded by what a great album it is. Its wicked solid and has such a great feel and progression.
  • Maybe i shouldn't judge it so quickly then.
  • Listen to Indie Rokkers. Awesome song. <!-- s;) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/wink.gif" alt=";)" title="wink" /><!-- s;) -->
  • MGMT are magnifico. Congratulations has my vote for album of the year. and Siberian Breaks is outstanding. Such a beautiful well-written song. A lot of people knock Oracular Spectacular, but I think it's got some really great material. I agree that it is inconsistent and not as solid of an album. But I think that due to their "sound" evolving after they got signed they were kind of stuck with a few songs that didn't fit (Kids, Time to Pretend, maybe Electric Feel).
  • i listened to mgmt a lot more earlier on in this year. i was so pumped for congratulations, got it at coachella and was so sad that i was late for a signing. now i dont listen to them as much, but theyre still pretty cool
  • I hate to say it, but while I like a lot of their sounds and catchy melodies, every song fades into one another for me. I can hardly tell them apart.
  • while they do have other good stuff it is hard for me NOT to just put them down to the 3 biggie songs time 2 pretend / kids / electric feel (eel meal!) well mainly the first two... if everything they do otherwise or for now on is just pretty good at best they'll still have those songs... those songs, man!
  • I got tired of their hits from Oracular. But revisited Oracular and started a love affair with "The Youth" (if you like Tim and Eric, Eric directed the official video for them) and "Future Reflections". I really liked Congratulations and as a music snob I wanted to be elitist and dislike it, but it's pretty solid all the way through. As many have mentioned, Siberian Breaks is the strongest song on there. Edit: Just noticed that I could be taken out of context as saying I started a love affair with the youth. No pedo.
  • oh man... you should see the video that "Eric" guy directed for the band HEALTH i warned ye!
  • [quote="ArrogantBastard"]...and [I] started a love affair with "The Youth"...[/quote] I think there's a list for guys like you. <!-- s:P --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/razz.gif" alt=":P" title="razz" /><!-- s:P -->
  • I like them a lot, but there ain't enough substancial for me to be obsessed. People have sometimes told me that animal collective tries to hard to be trippy or different. If anything that's MGMT. I'm not saying it's wrong or bad, I like them but everybody likes them and they do that if anyone does that. Animal collective just does what they want. Make your own rules. I remember seeing time to pretend on VH1 thinking "this is gonna be big", and now everybody knows them and wow.
  • I don't think MGMT tries to be trippy or different, I think they are just very much that way. I really have a lot of respect for them to I do agree that they lack some of the substance that Animal Collective has. They are also younger and are only on their second record, which I always picture as their first one since their first one was mainly comprised of older songs for them. I like them a lot and I think it's great that a lot of people like them because that means they have more financial support. I feel very much that their music is honest and genuine.
  • i feel like congrats was their 3rd and are soon to be on their 4th! climbing to new glows / orack specktack / grats! / next one! eyah! GLITTER PENIS haha!
  • I would definetly go see them. I would not pay over 40$ though. I would for AC though. 100$ is the limit for them as well as Phish.
  • Paid $70 for 10th row seats at Phish New Years '10 in Miami. Fucking nuts. Was that '09 or '10? I can't remember. Whenever they were here. Crazy night. Got in on the 29th for free!
  • I like MGMT. I think a lot of bands out there don't excite me like they do, they seem special, like AC. I like them enough and I bought their first to albums, which I thought were pretty good. If you take AC and their first two you have Danse and both of MGMT's albums are better than that in my opinion. However AC does feel more like a complete band, mainly because I can name all of the band members of AC. Do you feel as if Yeasayer, MGMT, And Animal Collective are close to the same genre, specifically the last two albums from each band, and that they put their own special flavor on it, not judging on how well it is done and which is better (AC is best).
  • i'd def. put danse above both MGMT albums! though i do love the 2 biggie songs on orack! KIDS+TIME TO PRETEND! some goodies on the rest of that album and the next one but to me they just can't live up to those 2 songs! can't!!!! flash delirium / siberian brakes are pretty damn cool though... and THE YOUTH! yeasayer was a good AC gripoff band! ... and i liked how they changed for the 2nd album... wonder what the 3rd will be like?
  • edited January 2012
    Danse isn't bad, it has some good tracks, I just find it not as good, in my opinion, as any other AC album except Hollin'.
  • def. better than holland and DEF better than frickin CRAPfire songs uh! how anyone puts campfire above holland let alone danse / indian is so beyond me! that i don't even find it of amusing!
  • Holland was way too lo-fi for my tastes, and like I said if I want early AC I put in Spirit or Danse. As for Campfire Songs I think it could have been fleshed out with more SOUND, it just is too quiet unless you just want to chill, but this is my opinion so don't you think I'am right OR wrong. Same is said for MGMT, Tigers and Sage both make good points both seem valid to me and lets leave it at that.
  • GO we are not on the same page when it comes to AC albums. I LOVE Campfire Songs so much and it is definitely above Holland and equal to or better than Danse. Not Indian though, I love Indian a lot.
  • Yeah, none of you are on my page... my page is William Shatner singing Mr. Tambourine Man over and over again, he just won't shut up.
  • What is that blue thing, a hair dryer? Gel pack?
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