I miss panda being a drummer.

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That's right. I do. Is it worth making an entire topic about? I think so. Does anyone else miss Panda's drumming? I feel, honestly, like a little bit of Animal Collective-spirit has died without it. He was so spuratic, on the edge, amazingly controlled in such a strange way. Delete this if you think it's not worthy of being a topic, Wini. I trust your judgement!


  • I think it is. I miss his drumming too. All the percussion on Spirit is positively genius! He should get back on the kit.
  • We should totally start some sort [i]bring panda's drumming back for the next album![/i] petition that we'll give to the AC at an ODDSAC show in Europe or wherever their going next. I think the next album needs a little more guitars and drums in it. Panda is the best drummer I know of!
  • Yes. Panda has such a distinct style, which is really special. A lot of drummers sound alike. I'm so glad that you guys feel the same way as me! *hugs*
  • Panda's drumming on Spirit and Danse is ridiculous (Essplode and the such). I also miss him being a stand up drummer, he seems more natural that way then sitting at a full kit.
  • I love watching the videos of performances from the Spirit & Danse era. Panda seems much more in his element on a kit, and I really love the hat. I wonder if he has it tucked away somewhere, or on display in his house or something.
  • haha, yes grizz. I loved watching him stand and drum. It was incredible. I also love his drumming for the Animal Crack Box, which is from the same era really. Jimmy Raven, the first track, is just spectacular.
  • THANK YOU this topic brings something up that i've been thinking about tooo much lately. one of my favorite things about AC is all the sounds they create when putting different instruments and loops and effects together and Noah's drumming which ranges from never ending beats to sporadic symbol crashing, really added positively to the band's overall sound. Merriweather sucks because they all had synths. in My Girls the drums are just used as background sound, i think Noah should get back behind the drum kit (standing or sitting, although i will admit i like how odd it is for him to stand)
  • I love Panda's drumming too! Especially the stand up drumming during Fireworks live! [quote="derekcollectbone"] Merriweather sucks[/quote] NO
  • Oh jeez, here comes the shitstorm. There is no right or wrong. Individual taste will prevail in the end, and you two will get mad for no reason and start a heated debate ending in 4 pages of yay or nay. I am stopping this before it happens. This thread WILL stay on topic if I can help it. What is your favorite song that Panda drums on? I'm going to have to say Bat You'll Fly.
  • no shitstorm in forecast, cloudy chance of rain (seriously it's raining on mommy's day here) I'm not mad i was just missquoted, i didn't like the post pavillion because i thought it was heavily produced, lacked Noah's drumming, and the all had synths which wasn't fun Bat You'll Fly is truly amazing that and Someday, but my favorite drumming is a three way tie between Essplode The Purple Bottle, and Leaf House
  • i'm going to have to seriously consider that question, Grizz. Essplode is definitely up there. I will not participate in this conversation, I will not participate. (i'm very tempted). All of the drumming on Spirit is fantastic. and once again, i'm glad that you guys all agree with me.
  • LEAFHOUSE FTW. I completely agree, something about the drumming made the albums feel more lively. "Like a human thats missing a heartbeat, AC is missing Noah's drums." That'll be the slogan for the petition. Or something similar.
  • I will read more carefully and respond but wanted to throw my opinions in: (opinions! just opinions!) 1. Noah's drumming and Josh's guitar created a lot of what made us resonate so deeply with AC: their organic nature and personal idiosyncrasies made something so beautiful and special. 2. A healthy, growing system evolves. 3. An obsession with the past is like a dead fly, and just a few things are related to the old times. 4. I think ODDSAC is going to bring the guys back together to make their foursome fun sounds. 5. I don't necessarily think those sounds will get recorded and released. 6. I MISS PANDA'S DRUMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I whole-heartedly agree with all of those points, wini.
  • As do I. Noah's drumming was really an asset to their sound. I was even listening to spirit the other day and I can't get enough of the bass either. They need more bass; actual bass, not synth bass.
  • I want them to revert back to an album of all traditional rock band instruments to see what happens.
  • oooo i agree. if they had noah on drums, a bassist, a guitarist, and the geologist they would have an awesome sound
  • That would be weird, I don't know if I can see Animal Collective ever doing that
  • I don't think they would. I appreciate that me and derek are on the same page and want to see this happen. Deakin's the guitarist, Panda drums, the geologist would be geo and that leaves Avey to play the bass. He could do it!
  • I have a feeling if Avey played the bass it would just be like low drones... Like I don't think it would sound like the synth bass in Spirit
  • I thought the bass in Spirit was real. Hmm
  • No I'm pretty sure I read that it was synth bass, because he didn't have a bass guitar...? But it was probably on wikipedia so maybe it was real bass
  • it was a synth bass. i think that Avey could come up with really simple bass lines and then use a loop pedal during shows, that way he's not limiting his movement around the stage,
  • That would be brilliant. I think it would be really well received if they put on a real rock show. With lots of jumping and flailing and instruments.
  • oh yeah i can totally picture the whole thing, Panda would be standing not sitting btw, did they use a bass on the People EP, it really sounds like one in the beginning if it is i would love to learn that bass line
  • that really really really does sound like a real bass. You could learn it on the bass anyways, and should anyways, even if it isn't real.
  • as long as geo keeps wearing his headlamp I'm stoked!
  • The head lamp is a must.
  • I enjoy Panda's drumming because it was so fresh and different. No one else drums like that. Drums are generally used in a very specific way and Panda didn't follow that trend. Incredibly original sounds.
  • i miss it too, you're not the only one.
  • Yes, I agree with Phantom. It was a really specific and unique blend of spastic and controlled. It's something that sounds easy and hard at the same time, which is really hard to do.
  • so happy P-Bear will be back behind the drums for the upcoming album
  • Why the craze with resurrecting threads Pottle?
  • this thread fortold the future
  • The Future is NOW! I like the ressurection of old threads, so don't question, just answer!
  • tigs fell in love with the drum her another and an other!
  • I used to always get to say "feel free to start new threads or resurrect old ones". Now I never do. I miss welcoming. Especially when we would "accidentally" over welcome people. I do not like this board format. I am fomenting rebellion.
  • Let us ride buffalos, with our breasts out, to freedoooooooooooooooom!!
  • she fell in love with the damn drummer another and another it was becoming a real problem!
  • Another White Drummer (little white glove)?
  • noooo, that's wilco! Playing KISS covers, beautiful and stoned!
  • oh god! i didn't think my sinful secret would be revealed! well my jig is now up! better get a move on
  • bust a groove! GONG!
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