Panda Bear Dancing to "Bitch Betta Have My Money"

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I'm a first time poster here, but I thought I might as well contribute. ;D Thought you guys might find this funny. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... annel_page</a><!-- m --> It's from one of Panda Bear's college videos "Fecal Matters". I found it hilarious. D:


  • I saw it, Fecal Matters is soooo funny. Definately worth while to watch if you're interested.
  • Wow I can't believe someone posted a video with just that bit - great! Noah shoulda been dancing with the girls though. Maybe the ones in his hostel weren't good dancers.
  • I can't believe that doesn't have at least ten thousand views.
  • hahahahahahahahahahaha
  • This was great. How and the hell did this thread not get discovered? Three posts from 2009 and then nothing else?
  • I really love all these shorts Noah was in. Its hard to pick a favorite.
  • fecal matters is the best by far, atleast in my opinion
  • Fish Sticks is my favorite, the line about nabbing a lock Jerry Lee Lewis' hair is gold!
  • gold, jerry! GOLD!
  • they should call it ROUND teen!
  • is what happens when someone between the agers of 13 and 19 eats too many fish sticks!
  • Not that there's anything wrong with that!
  • My favorite is definitely Fish Sticks. The narration and dialouge really gives the viewer a look inside the mindset of Noah's character. In the few minutes of the film it gives the viewer feelings of lonliness, obssession, longing and depression. Also, Fish Sticks has " A Lover Once Can No Longer Be a Friend" which is my favorite Panda song pre-Person Pitch. I also can sadly relate to his character in the short and I love the ambigity at the end. All of the characters in these shorts remind me of Panda's persona.
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    I can stongly relate to Noah's character in Fish Sticks too, welcometonarnia (except replace fish with actress Julianne Moore). And yeah, what makes this short my favorite is the fact that even though it is a very dark and depressing character study, at the same time there is this great underlying subtle humor throughout.
  • I think a lot of people can relate to Fish Sticks, and that is exactly why I think it's so brilliant. I really need to watch it a couple more times.
  • phish = dicks! got 99 bras / many problems and peace fish stickies are EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM
  • panda bear "dances" !
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