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A really good friend of mine who interested me to the music of Four Tet has been suggesting Boards of Canada constantly. I've been listening to a lot of the same stuff lately and i want something different so i about to listen to stuff off of Playlist.... does anybody else listen to these guys or know anything about them?


  • all I know is that many people have told me I should listen to them. I will push them up on my bands that I 'need to listen to'. Its getting pretty long by now.
  • I just listened to a few songs and they are pretty amazing upon first listen. it's really relaxing music and at the same time there are also some strange sounds. i'm downloading some stuff right now, i'll let you know if they should be climbing the list
  • i really love their longer form stuff -- music has the right to children and geogaddi -- the eps and singles are too short for my taste. their records were where i first heard the numbers stations recordings (<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> if you're not familiar). in a way their stuff reminds me of autechre or aphex but not so spastic and aggro; way more mellow and relaxed. if you like their stuff you may also want to check out 2 lone swordsmen, particularly their album 'stay down', it's sort of in the same vein.
  • I downloaded The Campfire Headphase after reading their wiki page and i am completely blown away. amazing. if anyone else likes electronic music i would suggest this album, (it is a lot more relaxing than Aphex Twin and not as much techno) the band said they imagined some guy losing his mind sitting in front of a campfire. all the the songs on it are similar but really cool
  • awesome! I'll have to check it out with such great recommendations. Do you think Campfire Headphase is the right place to start?
  • I don't really know if there is a right or wrong place. The Campfire Headphase appealed to me becuase they're talking about a character losing his mind on acid staring into a fire and combining all this madness from weeks and months into an hour of music,(loose quotation from wiki) Geogaddi is a little stranger covering childhood and the loss of innocence, they use some great samples so i suggest anything really
  • cool, downloading right now. edit;;;; I've listened to that album a few times. The first time I didn't know what to think. The second I thought it was a bit interesting but also a little boring. However many listens later, I love it. Thanks for the recommendation. Now, one of these days, I will end up wearing this album out and needing to download a different one.
  • nice i'm glad you like it, it was kinda boring at first but i think that it is really relaxing, i was just expecting something more epic i guess. but i thought that Satellite Anthem Icarus, Dayvan Cowboy, and Hey Saturday Sun were all amazing
  • that's exactly right. I was expecting something far more epic, but its great music to relax too. Its one of those albums that the more you listen to it the more little pieces stand out to you. I mean, all the songs run together for me atm so I can't really participate in the 'I like these tracks' sort of discussion.
  • [size=200]BOC[/size][size=100]music has the right to children[/size]. right. NOW.
  • I drove for a long time to The Campfire Headphase the other day and it was incredible.
  • yeah it's so relaxing, the whole album kinda feels like one song. TT i just downloaded music has the right to children, and it's awesome, kinda creepy in some parts, but really good
  • yeah man! it's such a sweet album. i love the eerie-ness mixed with the beautiful jingles and jangles. listened to it whilst driving back to canada today:]
  • yeah it's really got a perfect blend of almost haunting noises mixed with melodic samples, i have to say though, the Color Of Fie where the child just keeps repeating "i love you" terrified me beyond reason.
  • yeaaahhh its pretty strange haha i love it though.
  • I'm nervous about checking that one out. I enjoyed listening to Campfire Headphase yesterday while driving in the pouring rain. I felt like I was in a submarine pushing through the water.
  • wow that is so wicked. don't be afraid tiggles, it is beautiful in its creepiness.
  • so i've been super into Boards of Canada. I love them. And i've been listening to Geogaddi and wanted to read more about the band and it turns out that album in particular is riddled with subliminal messaging (supposedly admitted by the band). Here is some info i've dug out about it on the internet. [quote] Originally Posted by luckyface No kidding. That backwards "Teddy Bear's Picnic" is downright creepy. And isn't A is to B as B is to C a perfect audio palindrome or something like that? It sounds the exact same played backwards and forwards? Yeah its something like that. According to wiki, "haunting references to horned gods ("You Could Feel the Sky"), Branch Davidian cultism ("1969"), backmasking ("A Is to B as B Is to C") and hypnotism ("The Devil Is in the Details") abound. The album is riddled with symbolism in its song titles, subliminal/subconscious messages, the album artwork and even its beat structures. Although it retains Boards of Canada's trademark soundscapes and melodic vignettes, the album can be unsettling and fraught with paranoia at times" Unsettling? I agree with that, this album (as well as some parts of MHTRTC) is so hypnotizing its scary. I am literally afraid to listen to this album while i'm driving at night, because i've come so close to crashing due to just being so engaged by the music. [/quote]
  • ^never knew that it sounded the same backwards too. very cool, makes me appreciate them even more so. I wish BoC would come back around again, havent heard from them since 06 !!
  • Pitchfork said they're making a new album, but it probably won't be out till next year knowing BoC. You're resurrecting threads of such good artists!
  • I have to say that Geogaddi is one of my favorite albums and i'm probably going to listen to it tonight because this thread reminded me of how much I love that album.
  • That post is so insane
  • All these threads are making me go crazy for music I've yet to hear in a simultaneously good and bad way (bad cause I know its out there and it hasn't reached me yet, good cause its all waiting for me!). I just listened to Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin for the first time. And so, thanks.
  • OH man. What a trip you're about to go on. LOVE BoC and Aphex Twin.
  • Oooooh cool. I'm a bit excited now.
  • you have a magical journey ahead of you and would love to hear your thoughts once you give their stuff a couple listens.
  • Okay. Whew, folks! Goin on "a trip?" A "magical journey?" Nice. I couldn't want anything more. I'll take it slow though.
  • more like BOREDS... of canada! am i right? i'm not wrong! uh!
  • the OTHER boc (the REAL boc!): Blue Oyster Cult! there's always more cow bell in HELL (room on the broom in yr tomb!)
  • More like Radio.... DEAD. More like... Super Animal FURRIES!
  • more like animal COOLective! or should i say... ANAL MALL SCHOOLECTIVE selective!
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    "Give into your hatred, young Claudious!" >:)
  • what is THAT from? oh god!
  • It is a combination of Gladiator and Return of the Jedi.
  • JEDIATOR! last nite @ ze jedi!
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    I'm resurrecting this one! I listened to a good amount of Geogaddi, and BoC is really an enigma to me. I don't really [i]get[/i] their music most of the time, but I find myself going back to that album and trying again. Should I maybe start with something else of theirs? I've always had a love-hate-it'scomplicated relationship with IDM and I'm not even sure why! ^#(^ (The smiley is related, because it's a complex smiley)
  • i think music has the right to children is a better starting point; geogaddi is really dense and layered both musically and in meaning. music has the right is more straightforward, even when it's being "out there" (viz, numbers stations or whatever)
  • I'll get to that, it's more acclaimed than Geogaddi too right? I heard something about a 'Campfire' album too which seems fascinating, so I'll get to that after.
  • GeOh Goddy?
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