Wiltern, Los Angeles 5/29?

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I'm surprised to see there's been no mention of this show. A sellout, an incredible show, and no one's discussing it? Guess there aren't many members here from L.A.? This was my first Animal Collective show, and to say I was blown away would be putting it mildly. Is there ANY chance that a recording will make an appearance here? I know it's a little needy of me to start by posting that, but I would be thrilled to have it. I've been listening to NPR's download of the 9:30 Club performance. It's good, but in my memory the Wiltern show was even better. I'm curious to hear if it's just rose-colored glasses or if there really was a difference. All I do know is that I WILL be seeing AC again if given the chance. Had I not found a way to get tickets to the sold out Wiltern, I was very seriously considering making the drive to Arizona for the Sunday show...and would NOT have been disappointed with that choice.


  • I was at this show and I thoroughly enjoyed it. First time seeing AC live. I have one very important question though... What was the song playing RIGHT BEFORE AC came on? (After Grouper, during the brief intermission.) I was to find that song but I have really no recollection of it that would help me find it. My only chance is that someone else there recognized it. Can anyone help?
  • Found it: "A House Is Not a Motel" by Love
  • i was at that show as well and it was also my first time seeing animal collective live and i had a great time. there are some youtube videos of the performances. here's one for lion in a coma --> [youtube] <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> m -->[/youtube] also on a different note i was planing on buying my first synthesizer and a sampler and i dont just want to copy anyimal collectives stuff but i do want some quality products that are inexpensive. Any suggestions?
  • This was my first Animal Collective show as well, it was simply amazing and probably the best concert I've been to. I've looked online everywhere for a bootleg recording but I have yet to find one but I would really love to download one.
  • you are... a resourceful one... captain jack!
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