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[i]Whyyyyyy[/i] has this thread not been created earlier? You all know this band - they need no introduction! Okay, so, my personal view on Sigur Ros is I really love this band and adore every sound that comes from them. Each time I listen to it its like I'm listening to it for the first time and the songs really create an emotional response in me. I personally think Jonsi is the most amazing, beautiful, incredibly talented, wonderful muscian of our time, on our earth. He makes the most amazing music and is a really kind person too. I love that hes a vegetarian, openly gay and is just seems so peaceful and happy with life you know. I'd just like to share that I am a strong believer that Sigur Ros are the most euphoric and talented musicians our planet posses. And I feel somewhat priviledged in my life, to know their music you know. I spose its kind of hard to explain and I mightn't make a great deal of sense but thats just how I feel.. They're really something special to me. (: [img][/img]


  • I really love Sigur Ros too! I can't believe there isn't a thread! I've never known about the lead singer, and am really glad to hear he's such a spectacular person! there is such tangible emotions in each and every song.
  • Ooh I love Jonsi! When I read anything about him it's always really nice stuff that makes me happy that people like him exist. Sigur Ros is really great if you want to focus on something, because the music is soothing and if there's no known language to focus on people tend to direct their attention on something else more. My favorite song by them is probably Svefn-G-Englar, with my favorite album being Agaetis Byrjun. ( ) is a close second, though, because I really love that Jonsi sings in Vonleska (Hopelandic). It really communicates a lot of emotion, and I like the idea of using the voice as an instrument rather than just for lyrics. Edit: Also, Jonsi's solo album, Go, is really, really amazing. I like that it doesn't sound anything like Sigur Ros, and has a much happier feel. The part in Animal Arithmetic where he switches from English back to Icelandic just kills me; it really does.
  • the only Sigur Ros albums I have are ( ) and Takk. I'll have to check out Agaetis Byrjun next! I really love finding musicians that I love everything about. I feel that way with Noah, in the way that everything he says I connect with very deeply. He's a person I respect very much. At some point i'll have to check out his solo stuff too!
  • Agaetis Byrjun is my favorite by them. I do have a hard copy of ( ) that I listen to when I need some time to think. Their textures are absolutely gorgeous. I didn't like the latest one too much, it was too folky.
  • I have yet to listen fully to the new one. I've only heard Vid Spilum Endalaust off of it, and I really liked how happy it was.
  • The album is certainly a lot more cheerful than their other works. Theres a lot of emotion in that album I reckon. Definitely give it a listen soon.
  • Is anyone else that is currently here into Sigur Ros? I've been so in live with their live album, Inni, and have listened to it so many times, got it on vinyl (its clear oh my) and listened to it so many times and I love writing and living to it and now i'm listening to () for the first time in ages and I forgot how down the whole album is but I can like...feel the stress getting washed off of me as I sit and soak in it. Sigur Ros has definitely catapulted to one of my top favorite bands.
  • Sigur Ros used to be half my life. What I used to do was bring my speakers into the bathroom when I showered, and I turned off the light. If you bathroom echoes, I am certain there is never a better experience (especially while listening to the song Von!). I don't really listen to them much anymore, not sure why. I'll probably get back to them later.
  • That sounds like an awesome idea.
  • 3rd fave band Jonsi's Go was so so underrated. Ágætis Byrjun is their best
  • and HEIMA!!!! oh god, don't even get me started on how much I love that movie.
  • I loved Go and Agaetis Byrjun and also ().
  • sigur ros is one of my favorite groups too. listened to festival today driving up from the everglades while it was raining. just a perfect mood and setting for it. really incredibly beautiful stuff, it made me cry a little.
  • I almost bought Heima recently at my local record store, wish I had. I still haven't listened to Go yet, though I obviously need to. Sigur Ros makes me almost cry a lot, it's really moving music for sure.
  • Inni? they should have a companion album called Outtie! (AUDI!) i couldn't STAND ( )! AB had their highest highs but also put me to shleep! for years i avoided Von hearing it was horrible but it was actually kinda cool / weird? gobbledy gook was a FANTASTIC AC gripoff song! and over half of Go! (GO!!!) was really where i wanted siggy to GO! it was super fun / upbeat! i guess the best siggy related thing was def. life aquatic and the "siggy shark" i'm afraid to see that movie again because that part made me cry and i kind of want to leave it as that special thing! ... esp. crying in the actual movie theater... oh god? it's so intense / embarassing but amazing too...
  • outtie... lolol
  • hey, i'm really starting to enjoy sigur ros' music a lot more than i used to. i'm gonna get some stuff of theirs, but i want to know if anyone has opinions on what i should get. tell me tell me! what's your favorite sigur ros? so i can make it mine, too.
  • Agaetis Byrjun is my favorite album by far from Ros.
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    Added to uTorrent queue. Moar!
  • I don't know all of them but the live album is fantastic, especially with the video added in.
  • Agaetis Byrjun is the best, Tak... is quite good, Von is an acquired taste (I looooove the title track).
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    What.CD has spoiled me. I just started downloading a 16-bit lossless rip of a mint vinyl copy of Agaetis. Fucking sweet, I can't wait to listen to it. If anyone else wants that, I will absolutely reup for you. It's like having a brand new record each time! Except in 16-bit sound. 24-bit sound would be ideal, but my ratio isn't high enough to nab that one right now. It's over a gig in size and is more inconvenient to listen to than an actual record.
  • This is barely related to your post Dave, but I listened to that record all night long and it is so good. I love how each one of their albums evokes a different strong and deep feeling for me.
  • I really look forward to it. I've listened to their most recent one a million times now and I like it a lot but I'm also ready for something else of theirs. Can't wait.
  • I must sleep! Actually, since I'm still coming off the caffeine from that poorly timed late afternoon green tea, I'm going to meditate for an hour and then sleep. See if that helps. Fucking insomnia. Too tired to want to do anything but too wound up to go down. Up and down!
  • I either get 5/6 or 10-12 hours of sleep.
  • Interesting. I get 7 hours regularly, but I never ever feel rested.
  • Yeah me neither, the pills don't help! Damn you pills!
  • Yeah pills suck. That's why I'm gonna meditate now. Riiiiiight.... now. ......... ......................... Now. ........................................ Ok really going now. Meditating. Opening like a lotus flower. ........................................................................... Shit.
  • Lotus flower my ASS!
  • yeah you're right, that should be in the radio head thread.
  • i will shit myself into yr pocket! NO POCKY 4 KITTY! boo boo kitty fuck! donald duck is... out of luck!
  • Dang man, I didn't like Agaetis as much as their most recent one that I can never remember the name of. Too synthy, too much strings. I love their new one because it sounds much more like them playing as a band, with the orchestration scaled down a little bit. It was still enjoyable. Are there any other albums (aside from the live ones, which I'll have to check out) that have a more band-ish quality? Less synth, more instrument kinda deal.
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    well, the other ones that i've listened to are () and Takk. I love them both a lot, and find () to be a little moodier/darker. I feel the same way you do towards Agaetis, especially in comparison to those other two. () is definitely my favorite - it just makes me want to cry about every time I listen to it for one reason or another, and i'm not really a crier.
  • Nice... I'll have to check those out. I really like moody and dark.
  • I just realized that maybe you were after a more substantial band quality (which is exactly what you said) and none of them have the traditional structure really, that I know of. But yeah, listen to () anyways.
  • I will. Non-traditional is ok with me. A lot of it just depends on whether I like it or not when I listen to it, and that's beyond what I'm capable of analyzing. I figured, I really like some of their stuff, the vast majority of Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust. So it would stand to reason that there'll be more that I'll like.
  • On my uTorrent queue. Found another mint vinyl rip! Huzzah.
  • Nice! You torrenter. I've never gotten into that at all, and now i'm past the chance because i'm pretty happy buying things and such. I use Spotify, actually, which helps my bank account a lot. Also, that album title is ridiculous. I haven't listened to that one yet.
  • Oh really? It's good. Really good. Especially side two, though everyone I've talked to about it seems to prefer side one. I like them both. But side two has that really dark, really dramatic and spare feel to it. Just beautiful. And "Festival". Holy enchiladas! Just incredible.
  • I've definitely heard festival before. Actually, no i've listened to it a few times, but nowhere near as many as the others - I definitely remember now that you mention Festival. I'm going to have to do a revisit.
  • Gobbledegook!
  • ah yes! their AC grip-off song! kinda wish they made a whole album like that! GO was CLOSER! GO CLOSER! look close her!
  • Agreed Ghosty.
  • GHOSTY! woah! never would have thought that up in a million years! i like it!
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    Haha, no problem. Apparently I'm highly adept at giving people nicknames, just ask Davey and Tiggs. I got Ghosty from the time I said GO standed for Ghost Observation.
  • Yeah dude, that's such an unusual and awesome talent. Don't stop now!
  • Seriously, Ghosty is SUCH a good nickname!
  • Ghostly Woods / Ghastly Ghouls!
  • Ghosty with the Mosty!
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