3 Days

Hey this summer a couple of my friends and I are planning to stay up for 3 days straight. What do yall think?


  • you might hallucinate. But you're young (right?) so if you feel it so necessary go for it! it'll fuck you up though. I know a few people who did it during high school for the fun of it and things were pretty crazy by the end of it.
  • its for the fun of it, but the friends im doing this with I cant see either of them making it through
  • You will need a supply of EmerGen-C, lots of good, fresh water, and lotion/massage oil to give each other back rubs or hand rubs or whatever to help remove the toxins that will collect that would normally be removed during sleep.
  • oh yeah and we may document that whole time
  • we are now appearantly not doing the 3 day stay up now.
  • well that sucks! maybe you would have ended up in a 3 day coma! man!
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