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Does anyone know where ac gits their samples from on strauberry jam? any infomation on this topic will not go ovurlooked. Hee-Ha


  • Probably the biggest AC secret ever.
  • in da song "peacebone" if you change the hz to 96000 it sounds like some of da sounds dey are makin are fart noises. the sound that is made in the verse: was supposedly leakin the most interestin colors... to me sounds like a voice with either da hz or pitch tweeked
  • the bonefish sample was from some online site that catalog'd the hell out of all sorts of species someone found the clip sadly i don't have the link (mulch like the begin of rev green bigfoot THING i can only wonder about a LOT of the other zamples!) i also found it amusing after a show avey had a hoodie that was some sort of THING and it had the word BONEFISH on it ... he just FOUND that! that's what they DO!
  • I heard in an interview that there are many songs they can't play live anymore because they lost the samples or forgot where they came from. Not including the whole missing-years-of-recording stuff stolen from Dave's car.
  • Man that would suck. It'll take me like a year to write a song; can't imagine it would be to have a whole lotta recordings just disappear like that.
  • Dave was moving so they thought they'd be smart and pack the car the night before, to save stress the next day. It's New York, c'mon! and probably lower east side at that time (eeps) They must be real good friends to recuperate and forgive after that.
  • me and a buddy were confident that The Lost Tapes were still out there somewhere and had a plan for a mission to find them! this would all be part of a larger plan involving geo bird timmy trabblings, the ewok forest, and THE CABIN! it'd be fun to grab stevie blunder and force him to hear the original blursion of big big big big beat and he wouldn't see it coming and he'd wonder WOO! >:(
  • I have my msn noise set to a clip of peacebone. so whenever someone talks to me it says "bonefish!" awesome.
  • on unsolved mysteries at the end theres a noise that sounds like a lightsaber unsheathing (i know i m a nerd) its the last sound before it cuts to chores,
  • <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> Albula Vulpes (Bonefish). The bonefish, also known as "phantom" or "gray ghost", is probably pound for pound the strongest and fastest moving animal of any salt-water fish. April and the Phantom suddenly takes on a whole new meaning!
  • I've always wondered where that sample came from.
  • awesome!!!
  • What's at the beginning of Bleed?
  • I've heard the sample from Unbroken Chain for What Would I Want? Sky is the first major sample they used. not counting Panda Bear's solo stuff
  • Yeah, it is. I think it's so cool that they're the first ones to have a licensed Grateful Dead sample.
  • Not to mention Greatful Dead LOVED what they did with it. <!-- s;) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/wink.gif" alt=";)" title="wink" /><!-- s;) -->
  • ...yeah Phil Lesh was really impressed with wwiws. i've been enjoying some of the stranger ac noises lately the high freq. stuff and the low bass tones together with their ambient noises really makes the sound for the band. there was an interview i rad once where Avey listed a bunch of movies and books and the one movie i saw. Come and See, was full of droning sounds and ambient noise, so i think ac gets a lot of their stuff from random old horror movies and the such....
  • Derek, if you ever find that interview make sure to post it here. I'm always interested in stuff that influenced AnCo. After seeing ODDSAC, I saw a lot more horror-influenced stuff in their music. Some of their more drone-like songs are my favorites though
  • I think it was an interview with Geo and Avey, around when Prospect Hummer came out, pretty sure the link came from here, i'll look around
  • Thats awesome! I love that you found the bonefish sample. If you guys ever go on <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> you can see a couple of samples that the guys used like the Didgeridoo sample for Lion in a Coma and the graze sample. Pandas samples are up there as well.
  • sampling is stealing!
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