Another Poll!

Because it's that polling time....


  • hey! I love your polls! I chose Manatees because it reminds me of the 'sea cow'. I really have no idea what it is.
  • The common cold, because i always feel like i have it anyway, and i seem to be doin alright
  • Oral herpes, cause then I'd always in people's mouths and on people's lips.
  • brucellosis-kills oral herpes-contagious Manatees- ??? not a disease rabies-deadly common cold- not too bad Leprosy-disabling Tangential Inertia-??? Excema-easy to treat Athlete's Foot-not a disease and really itchy MANATTEEESSSSSS but if i had to choose one like for real I'd do Excema i had it once its not bad at all
  • manatees rhymes with rabies so it's a disease in my world. A cute, lettuce-chomping sea cow disease!
  • Lettuce-chomping sea cow.. What a brain visual. Question: Um, 1. Is this a special breed of sea lettuce 2. Does this sea cow have gills?
  • [img][/img]
  • fffffffffff didn't see manatees before I cast my vote. I chose eczema though because I've had it a lot of times already.
  • I just voted for Excema. I don't know what that is; Maybe it's best that I don't. LoL.
  • trust me... you don't wanna oh god NO!!
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