Welcome Home, “Spirit”

Animal Collective Org (not an official AC site) is still in the process of being completed, however you can still drop by and look around, there may be a few kinks here and there, and some info may even me missing, such as the Biography. However, everything will get sorted out eventually.

Stay a while, join the community, download some live tracks or video if you don’t have them yet, even submit some by posting links in the forum. The Gallery is still not up, but if you have some pictures you’ve taken at a show and you would like to post them, with your permission we would like to host them, as we want to have a live show photographic archive, or any collective pictures that you may have.

Recent About the Forum

It has been reset, so if you were one for the several people who had previously registered, you will have to re-register again, sorry for the trouble.

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