The Preakness tabs

So I searched this section for Panda Bear's "The Preakness tabs (or chords)" and couldn't find any entries. Does anyone know the chords? I am on it. And that keyboard part is cool and it would be awesome fror us to figure it out as well. I wish this song would've gone on Tomboy because it's one of my favorites.


  • I think I got it. A hyphen - after a chord is double time ie half as long as the other chords. I haven't written how many times each "phrase" is repeated/how long they go on for but you get the idea. start: D C G Bm Bm fast lil bit: D-F#m-C-D- G A7 D C G A7 Keep it up, keep it up, keep it up till..: D F#m G F#m Em-G- F Em D F#m G G A7 A7 Bm G D See your hopes become my hopes: D-A-Em-Bm-D-A- G G G G is there no hope: D A A A A is there no hope: D A G G G G...
  • added to the wiki, thanks
  • hatted to the wini! tom hanks!
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