We Want You! (Volunteers Needed)

I wrote this in a previous thread, but there seem to be no responses to it. [b][color=#993300]Helpers Wanted For Gets[/color][/b] The Gets section pretty much contained all the live shows, videos, and DVDs. If you have any of these and would like to submit them please continue reading. I, this site's admin, need a group of five or so people. My internet connection isn't the fastest so it would take me too long to put all the files back online. I'll need help to get them on the server. I'll need the group to use FTP to upload the files. If you're not familiar with it, that could be a problem. However, you can still help by downloading the files that the others have sent and test them to see if they are broken or if they contain viruses. Once an archive (a ZIP file) has been approved as not being broken and being safe, I'll move them to the main site so that people can download them. If you're interested post here.


  • I have dozens of live AC shows, many of them from this old site (probably had at least half of the shows that were up here), as well as one of the DVDs from the old site. I have no job and I'm not starting classes until January, so I have free time, and I'd like to give back to the site. I'm familiar enough with FTP to use it to upload files, but I've used a graphical client for it (Filezilla), never the direct access through the browser. I can learn, though. I'm good with computers. Let me know.
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    Fudgin' advertising on a forum, it kisses me off! Fudge sake, no one wants der runescape guld!
  • Clayton, "Fudgin' advertising on a forum, it kisses me off! Fudge sake, no one wants der runescape guld! " what are you talking about...
  • I'd really appreciate the help, Dave. Any more takers? Clayson93, if you found some spam, please link me to it to remove it.
  • I did and now i have no clue where it is, it was talking about selling runescape gold, how annoying! But i do this on my phone and it is a bit like jmpmtdjd
  • The spam was moderated. I saw it! Then it vanished.
  • yeah, at least i know i am not going crazy ! and there was a lot of swearing i think wini edited it, so i am sorry for that win
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    Ha, I can barely navigate this place. Hateradio must have caught it. I bet G.O. edited your swearing (he hates it when I edit his posts! and then giggle!). (Actually, it wasn't G.O.)(but he did edit this post)
  • i wonder who it was, i see this is the beginning of a scooby doo mystery
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    Histories Mysteries! This is the Hate's thread and we are being Naughty Naugahyde. We don't like Naugahyde, since it's so full of Naug, and who wants more of that, anyway?
  • Indeed, I would appreciate it if the thread could be about the topic at hand.
  • yeah, sorry hates
  • It's interesting that this current website is just the message board. No one seems to mind that you can't get any pictures or tracks or such. Maybe we can put more energy into that. Or we need to help the elusive hateradio upload stuff.
  • who amoung us is a computer genoius? I am not.
  • I'd help around but I'm only a novice at this kind of stuff.
  • Wonzafull. The best service to offer to music fans. 1. connection 2. easy access to music. I really wish the live clips could get up and running again. Whilst it was up I had no means to download the clips and now I really wish I would have listened to them or somthing
  • I've been busy writing code for other projects . . . and playing some PC games. I plan to finish everything during May.
  • hey hey! possibly this may! MAY DAY! MAY DAY! we're going down soony!
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