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I always felt a certain way when I listened to this but never looked at the lyrics until just now. People say AC never talks about sex...holy crap! This is about it over and over!!!


  • Avey is a CREEP, Bluish and Down THERE, and he also wants peoples mouths to be like a tigers, its kinda creepy. But still it is a highlight off Manatee.
  • Tis my favorite off Manatee !
  • They have a ton of sex references, a few drug references, seldom swear but of course no explicit content warning. Any Kanye West Album will though. I guess they only put the label on ablums that some company will think younger children might listen to. Anyway, my favorite song, one of them, makes me sad though.
  • Why does it make you sad? It has a mournful edge to it.
  • Wow, just read the lyrics, wow
  • I never read the lyrics for it before. It is definitely one of my favorites off of Manatee. I love Throwin' The Round Ball too.
  • I think the "your kisses were wild but your mouth was okay" part is what makes it so sad. (hi everyone btw)
  • Hi Miss Doodles! Why does that strike you as sad? Explicate please.
  • Come on Davey put up the blinds turn on the pilot and essplode! Great lyrics to end to.
  • pilot thru the crash / that carsh! don't believe that pie! BIG LOTS!
  • Pavement- Date w/IKEA
  • serendipity: i went to ikea today
  • I actucal think Ikea can be a useful place for cheap furniture, but it does take a good deal of time to find the right style and what not.
  • I love Ikea. I love the idea of an entire house worth of life in 200 square feet. I want to live in a packing crate.
  • I went to iKea and bought a new bed set :3 I also just finished hearing Essplode. It makes me kinda sad too. But the outburst takes me away from everything. Meh, I miss Leon.
  • tell unto us of the Leon.
  • dominique leone! sergio! THE RATS!
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