Intro to Winter's Love

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I'm pretty musically challenged and am just learning how to play guitar... Is there anyone that can play the beginning of winter's love and explain the chord progression to me? I've looked at the tabs and cant really make sense of the first half of the song I basically bought an acoustic guitar to learn Winter's Love haha


  • not even the ultimate guitar.comthat shows you how to??? Do you need a video?
  • hahaha i mean a video would help It says for the first part to capo 3 to make the cords easier, but it seems like all the chords can be played pretty easily without a capo....the chords don't really sound right to me either... maybe some one can explain how they play the chords...i cant really figure out the rhythm is my issue
  • the rhythem is more difficult. Skype???
  • there are multiple guitars that play that, i'm pretty sure...wait actually that's for who could win a rabbit when i got my acoustic i DEFINITELY looked up the tabs for winter's love and encountered the same confusion haha
  • the chords can be played without a capo but it's more of a pain to do so e.g. instead of playing a C (x32010) capo'd at the 3rd fret, you'd have to barre it at the 3rd fret and play x65343. you could always play the chord in another shape (x6888x for example is the same Eb chord, see for an example of someone doing it like that; the video might help you figure out the rhythm too) although the timbre of the chord will not be exactly right. this may be why you're hearing the chords as "off" somehow -- especially if they're originally in a different tuning.
  • Thanks for the skype offer, thats super nice I kind of just understood now, what it meant by capo 3rd fret and playing the cords as if you were playing them without the capo (x32010) for c... That sounds a lot better! it actually sounds pretty cool! thanks everyone...trying to figure that one out since i got my acoustic city right now haha
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    if you're going to play it without a capo, yeah, you'll need to use a finger to barre (to act as a capo, sorta) or you can transpose. if you transpose (eg playing that Eb chord as x6888x instead of x65343) then you might want to read a little about CAGED chord patterns (although for obvious reasons that doesn't work on non-standard tunings)
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