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I sometimes just want to post lyrics and such but seldom find appropriate situations to do so sososososo here is an approopriate situation in which to do so. "ONLY MY BEST FRIEND SHE'S THE, coke, pot, crack-brain. Power, all you need is a nick, you pull out the prick, you pull out the stick." -Avey Tare forest Gospel


  • only my best friend jesus!
  • avey dressed as a damn preacher! panda as a nun... on the run! deeks as the sun of a gun of... oh God geo as an altar boy who is actually the damn'd d-devil
  • Sometimes I don't know what is ACTUALLY real on this board.
  • What's with all the changes since the time I was aware? It's like them apple eatin people and they once were arent there. Did they empty out their pockets and debase their younger faces? Say "you must be truly Happy when you leave your summer places."
  • but when im fuckin you lately got the touch of the tttiiigeerrrrrRRRrrrwaaawwrrr­rrr essssplodeeee <3
  • I don't know if there's any real danger, but the creatures all know that it's safer in the dark 
  • gah that line is so good purple. so good.
  • It's just a little white glove, and another white singer
  • I feel alright I've found a place that feels good
  • i think it's all right to feel up humans! and thank dog some times yr baked, kid!
  • heheheheheh
  • Twice Baked 24/7 Heh.
  • I been smokin on weed just like my fathers!
  • I feel like a ghost with a skeletons face
  • My singing voice is gone !
  • Do ya wanna hear a secret? I know one!
  • a trapeze is a birdcage, even if it's empty it definetly fits the room!
  • White corn grow on every side, but you can’t take it, the yellow wardrobes suits you fine.
  • Let them do your makeup I know Alvin Row
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    I only want the time, to do one thing that I like. IWANTTOGETSOSTONED and take a walk out in the light drizzle At the end of the day, when there's no one watching. . .
  • A little bit funny how a thing like that could travel from one mouth in through another and the next thing you know ya gotta hear it from your brother
  • Just a sec more in my bed, hope my machines working right, when its just precisely tuned, that shits gonna sound so nice
  • Young love is fine, just please respect the candles as they line.
  • Listen Nightmare New plane I swore Good friend I've been Shameful That I must bleed
  • It's hard to just kiss our child games goodbye
  • Do you believe in love at first sight? Oh yes my son I did the first time
  • Dapper Dan is my main man
  • katy did it katy did it. Katys got no friends, katys got no friends at all.
  • There's fire coming off my face and I just wanna burn Burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn
  • lovemelovemelovemeloveme native bell?
  • here comes the indian to violate her! grabby gator! (feels excite bike her!)
  • Take a look at these hands! I'ma government man...
  • The room is filled with gummy bears, electric shavers, ingrown hairs...
  • Oh look at me that sweet boys plee. his mother cried "my childs tied his laces". Why must we move on from such happy lawns into nastalgias palm and feed on the traces?
  • What you need's a happy farm With happy goats and sheep What I need's a happy arm To swing you 'round like father </3
  • I want to be like water, and never have a doubt, and reflect what is around my pool
  • People floating... On rafts of Yellow Pink and Pearl!
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    These lyrics describe my personal paranoia and anxiety in my brain and also my positive attitude the rest of the time. Some of the lyrics from the entire song don't relate (I don't smoke weed or make music), but I just want to put down these parts of this song too. I made it really cut up and mismatched but hopefully you guys can recall the lyrics. "Now my nervous tick has got to quit, my cheeks are chewed down to the bit... This wilderness up in my head, this wilderness up in my head, This wilderness needs to get right out of my clothes and get into my bedroom... There'll always be that fear of dying or is it just trying to divide? It makes me think my purest dreams are not what they're supposed to be I trick myself when it is hard, I've got to keep up, oh my god And hope that I will not be wrong and keep my faith inside a song I'm blooming but my roots remind me not to leave them back in time... Sometimes the sun will shine Unless I am just feeling fine Sometimes I'm not aware Where I am or what I care Sometimes I'm well to do But I don't know what to do Sometimes I don't agree With my thoughts on being free Please don't leave me Things that feel good I've been lucky Trying to feel good Lion in a coma, lion in a coma Who wants to smell the fine aroma Lion in a coma, lion in a coma Who wants to run but cannot roam, a Lion in a coma, lion in a coma Who wants to use his aching bones, a Lion in a coma, lion in a coma Don't keep the lion in a coma" Advice to fellow members, just feel good and don't give a fuck about feeling bad!
  • I ran away with my ghost out, you're so beuitiful when you can't hear me
  • "Am I really all the things that are outside of me? Would I complete myself without the things I like around? Does the music that I make play on my awkward face? Do you appreciate the subtleties of taste buds? My friend and me were having laughs In a living room filled with arts and crafts He said “I like their clothes and their charming plates But what I really want is a simple place With no fashion clothes ‘cause you can’t eat those” Only Ma’d pretend to like the clothes she showed to me Something in my heart can tell me it’s a weakness And maybe you would have more luck playing those tasty games But me, I called and called and never heard from her again She’s too good to share our favorite things I’ll keep an open mind if you let me in Don’t let your temper rise, don’t get a bitter face Try not to judge me on my kind of taste And don’t go changing clothes when they don’t like yours"
  • to hold you in tiime
  • hey man whats your problem? dont you know that i dont belong to you?
  • I'd like to raise it... I'd like to raise it.... I'd like to raise it uppppp
  • I’d surely lie if I said that I was sure that it might work out. Now I Won’t let it slide No I won’t let it slip up.
  • Feeling is gooood
  • "There isn’t much that I feel I need: a solid soul and the blood I bleed."
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