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Here are all the lyrics for Centipede Hz :) Have fun learning them all! I really enjoyed this new album and how they released it to everyone over their radio last night, it was a great idea on their part. This, to me, is definitely a new chapter and another evolution of Animal Collectives sound and feel. 1. Moonjock In our covered wagon times when dad he had his captain eyes we'd get the steel horse moving on the straights and lines of 95 and mom she was our singer and we kept alive on greasy fries I held onto my stash of jams that ran along in Michelin time In the back of our old car never going to far In the back of our old car I think we've gone too far And there's no way to remind me of pacific plates or what the text was No better way to remind me of sun heated seats then "love me do" was Carolina mark the mile "south of the border" bumper signs And styles I don't recognize A weeping willow motel sign By Georgia I am hypnotized more batteries for my power ma'am I'm tuning into radio let it change me till we drive again In the back of our old car never going to far In the back of our old car I think we've gone too far And there's no way to remind me of the scented heads In a blue camino No better way to remind me of a neato rack then a lead off track was. And in the nighttime you'll sleep Lean on it lean on it Don't you wake them lean on it And then we ran out again and then we ran out again We ran it out, ran it out. 2. Today's Supernatural Come on let go Erratic see saw This exploding young brain has gone and blown me out again and now I don't feel the same Come on let go Bionic hee haw You can dress yourself for dancing you can wear your funny chains and I will welcome you the same. Come on let go It's not a question for your head Come and join me in the speakers there's a ruby in your eyes and we don't have to feel the same Cause your own is the sweetest thing inside of you and our home is bigger then a mountain view You'll find something you believe that you should do and sometimes it won't come so easy but sometimes you gotta go get mad. Come on let go The shifting easel It's been dripping now it's stained in the reds and the pains and now it don't look the same Come on let go Out of the question for the dead I made a shadow with my hand I made it like your heart but they will never be the same Cause your own is the sweetest thing inside of you And our home is bigger than a mountain view You find something you believe that you should do and sometimes it won't come so easy but sometimes you gotta go get mad All the good things like avenue sun breaks All the good things like friends from a long way There'll be some bad kings no thing comes for nothing and then we watch them trail feels like a sun is going down. But have you seen the clouds? Met you in Baltimore laughing so loud But have you seen the clouds? you should come on out Today feels so supernatural 3. Rosie Oh As I walked across the bridge With a backpack cross my shoulder blades The Everglades below the wooden cracks You had offered up a ride So I might not get accosted by The watery slide But I said no I’d rather not Said no I’d rather not step in As I left my home I cried And a substituted figure tried To reconcile the things I'd left behind You had opened up the door And made a place where I could sit inside And fortify But I said no I’d rather not Said no I’d rather not step in I'm on my own Now no ones been invested in How no one knows what's best for him I'm on my own When no ones left to light the load Then so one goes to lift alone I'd like to embrace it all Have I made this or is it That I've been made? 4. Applesauce I eat a mango and I'm feeling like a little honey can roll Star fruit so simple and I'm feeling like a little honey can roll How could I feel so so when I'm feeling like a little honey can roll Tart but not total and I'm feeling like a little honey can roll When I was young I thought fruit was an infinite thing I'd be sad to wake up and find all of my cherries are charred or they're rotted to ruin It seems we all can't last Oh pink lady your days so distinguished are a movement so fluid So smooth against my palm Reminisce of the days when they all praised your sweet red delicious When a farmer picks a good thing (when you think you don't know you don't know what comes next) Then a kid he picks a good thing (When you think you don't know you don't know what comes next) Then a chef she makes a good thing (When you think you don't know you don't know what comes next) Then a mayor eats a good thing (When you think you don't know you don't know what comes next) Ripe and whole we can move outside us (Repeat) Take for me take for me pictures of valleys with lemons hung Dangling dangling they will be released every little piece does make a one Brown on the ground can you show me a way I can simplify Comfort me comfort me after the battles and sleepless nights I'm just a rush Rush to blow upon the fire You're just a rush Rush to blow open my mind Repeat (Honey can roll part) When I want fruit I can find it wherever I please What if I should wake up and find dudes on the street waiting in lines or scrounging for berries? I'm losing things so fast. One day maybe I'll have a cool kid with a granny but I don't have a pose for applesauce on clothes. Reminisce of the days when my mom made it all seem delicious. Repeat ("Farmer" part) Repeat ("Ripe" part) Repeat ("Take for me" part) Rush Part Why should i rush, rush to blow upon the fire Why do I rush, rush to blow upon the fire One the eagle Two the Nobel Three the lizard Four the sole 5. Wide Eyed Guiding her into dream time Following lights in her eyes This living behind's got her frightened So I'm here and I'm working all night How is she not breaking down? Oh God I feel her shaking Try as I might to provide her light In the end it's she who's breaking I'm holding the choice as she grows life from it's stem Is it better to say not now when I'm trying learn: yes? I'm dreaming of bouncing feet and your motherly smile But when you're sleeping so far away I can't feel what's inside How am I still holding on? Oh God I hope I am holding She'll try and describe what my strength provides but I fear my strength is failing If I could change my mind I would change What's the change for the better For a child who learns not to cry? And to the boy who relies on his anger: You'll survive but you won't feel exchange And why all these doubts? And what are all these doubts? I see in her eyes that I'm holding her fine but all I'm hearing is doubts Even as water's crushing over my head And the rhythm that I would slow is picking up it's pace I'm learning from older shames as I'm watching them die And I'm still hoping to see her smile in the morning when we wake Now that I am waking up Oh God I hope I am waking Though I'm overwhelmed at times I find that I'm less afraid of change Change all the time I'm still finding what's sure and not getting lost in my mind I know I can try Needing my own But still getting lost in her eyes And hoping it's time Wide eyed I get wide eyed


  • 6. Father Time Open up your locket does solidarity breed from a good foundation? Things speed out of date now you can be falling and when your up it's blown up with all new buildings painted they're not your colors and all the places you went to you don't get what they offer and hey that's Nathan but didn't he pass a long time ago? Where'd he go? We exorcised the weekend now all the demons cant play but they snuck into Thursday Looking out for panthers from the road again but didn't they pass a long time ago? Luck it's not real.Oh it's real. No its not real Maybe it's only real when lightning landed and hit you right where you were standing Or when your imagination shows you what only time is supposed to tell you Then I imagine time he's got real big hands and bigger plans From a long time ago And did I remember suitcase and all the things in my head and all the expectations of doing something special I could be gone today but where do they take me? Luck it's not real though my feelings say its real Maybe it's only real when someone blinds you when they had always been so kind to you Imagination won't get moldy can't wait for time to unfold me Then I imagine time he's got real big hands and bigger plans From a long time ago There are none too small 7. New Town Burnout When I make it Back home I'll take my shoes off I'll take my coat off I'll leave my belongings alone No more in the wrong place No more at the wrong time No more getting through Trials in sight No more little fights Never more a broke mess at night Out of my body Out of my mind Lift this weight Leave my light on 8. Monkey Riches Lately I need a better plan I want to get my knees out in the dirt with my hands Cause I have been a cerebral spouse now my legs want to go into the emerald house And I want to look out I don't want to bail out And I want to help out, I don't want to nod out I don't want to knock you down But why am I still looking for a golden age? You tell me that I ought to have a golden wage Every time I look up at that blurry sun All I think about are bodies floating up Everybody ought to get that special glance Why does dawn leave everybody home with chance? It makes me wonder how I even wrote this song Does this not occur to almost everyone? It makes a monkey wretch It makes a monkey rich Lately I want to be in my heart But where exactly is my heart and where does it start? I don't want that Tylenol. Can I sing and make change without crushing clams? I can help the little things but I have big plans I don't want that Tylenol It makes a monkey wretch It makes a monkey rich 9. Mercury Man Sounds like machines talking to me on the phone. I say but they don't quite get me. It's hard to make my feelings known. Sometimes I wish for a long wave. When I'm waiting for someone to calm my tone. Bad vibes I've got hold dementia. When I'm one thousand Hz from home. Sometimes I wish for a short wave home. Two human beings. I'm upset your upset what's to be done. Old lines. Everybody talking from there homes. Bad news but your bed will take you. If you could only feel what's wrong. Sometimes I wish for a hand wave home. Two humans beings. I'm upset your upset what's to be done? Two Human Beings. What a mess what a mess what's to be done? You got to slide it off like mercury Can I play my parts like mercury? Would you let me feel like mercury? can I always be like mercury? We must be somewhere Can't find it (nowhere love) Is it me? I keep calling It feels like there's no one there 10. Pulleys Pulleys and vines The natural cages Trees said their smarts aren't in the books they wrote Wooden notes. Pulleys like vines. Like minded people do they feel afraid? Pulleys or vines and they use them for all kinds if you mind it grows Mind it grows Pulleys and vines. Why do they want me to move up? (you go) Tunnels and caves The humanoid mazes Heart said a place to hide is a head. Oppose. Up the nose Tunnels not caves Different people can they kiss amazed? Kiss amazed Tunnels and caves are magnificent places to escape you'll go Escape you'll go Tunnels and caves We're here to help you art thou feeling low? 11. Amanita What will happen to the stories from the bogs? The trails of the Vikings? The passing of sea sirens? Is tradition holding regularly in this town? If its going hiking then I'm going hiking To the other places That we never had Something like a misplaced future That is old and sad With big raven What will happen to that story telling clown? His voice hypnotizing The fire side frightening I have to travel so far just to hear his sound But I'm going hiking art thou coming hiking? What have we done what have we done? Fantasy is falling down She's breaking apart breaking apart Has she lost her number 1? Throws out her hands throws out her hands Let her tell what she can tell. There's nothing to do nothing to do nothing to do Imagination floating around. Then build it back up build it back up. What art thou gonna do? Go into the forest Until I can't remember my name I'm gonna come back and things will be different I'm gonna bring back some stories and games
  • lol the filters got copy and pasted from CA "What art thou gonna do?"
  • Was just gonna point that out haha
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    THIS^ Moonjock is definitely my favorite.
  • Agreed Tic. Amanita is sooo good
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    Best lyrics EVER, tic That moment... Ugh, a lot like when Avey screams "RUN" on Alvin Row, where the words perfectly compliment the music
  • but the RUN in alvin row makes me want to jump
  • yeah the "WOT" in Moonjock makes me want to take a furious dump
  • i understand completely.
  • hahahaha Moony
  • The RUN in Alvin Row makes me wanna RUN, dunno bout you guys.
  • the scream in the music makes me wanna the scream in the music
  • Dave are you Dave Portner from the animal collective?
  • Hi Dave, I like your music. I think it's cool, even though it's not rock and roll like I usually listen to. Other artists I like include Pitbull and Nickelback. What bands do you like? (That was mildly tongue in cheek, by the way)
  • No hes Dave Chappelle! Cant you tell??
  • ^ You that cool for that.
  • I've added the lyrics to the site, with some minor edits. [quote=Ticonderoga]WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DUGO INTO THE FORESTUNTIL I CANT REMEMBER MY NAYMMMIM GUNNA CUM BACK AND THINGS WILL BE DIFF'RENTIM GUNNA CUM BACK WITH STOURYS AND GAYYYMMMMMSSSSSSbest lyric on the album. moonjock is awesome too[/quote] It's awesome. Sadly that part is [i]way[/i] too short! It would have been an amazing three-five minute jam.
  • Ok guys, in my opinion, Amanita is better than Alvin Row. It just is that good imo. Probably one of my favorite songs of all time.
  • ^can you HEAR me troubador? LOL
  • Just drove down to CVS with Hz booming. Got some odd looks because I was singing Today's Supernatural full force. I was like where are you headed fool, work? I'm chillin and you jus jealous.
  • Lol Especially since Today's Supernatural has the lyric, "Bionic HeeHaw"
  • ^ Probably my favourite lyrical phrase of all time
  • The end of wide eyed sounds like why die and why did i pretty cool
  • anyone get the meaning of Monkey Riches?
  • problems with anarcho-syndicalist monkeys
  • thought it was just about avey making a monkey a LOT of monkey money! as for what the hell said monkey would do with all that money is anyone's ghost!
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    Maybe it's about Avey robbing a bank, with his pet monkey. Yes, that's it. :(|) :(|) :(|)
  • The part " my head wants to go in to the emerald house" The Emerald House is a place for mentally ill adults
  • Wow that's interesting. I never knew that Mitch! The lyrics do seem quite devastating, especially when he goes "Don't want that tylenol"
  • ha! i love that bit! the album could have used a few more Johnny Walker-esk things!
  • The ending lyrics for applesauce are sooo good
  • The first time he goes "4 the sole" feels so good! 4 the sole/for the sole/4 the soul/for the soul
  • Im trying to figure out what that means! for the soul sounds tooooo good
  • i thought it was 4 it's so 4 it's so 4! and i'm 666!
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    That's it, New Town Burnout is perfect. The song itself, even the awesome transition into Monkey Riches. I think it may have cracked my top 10, which I thought would be impossible when I first heard Hz. And Wide Eyed is a lot better than people give credit for. It could have been a bit shorter, but the opening lines of that one are one of my favourite moments on the entire album. [b][i]Guiding her into dream tiimmee Following lights in her eyyyyyyyes[/i][/b] Amanita is awesome, but more of the song should have been like the last part! That part is SOO GOOOOODDD
  • Actually, the more I listen to CHZ and Amanita, I find the beginning and the middle more enjoyable. It just feels like the beginning and middle parts are why I keep on listening to that song, those parts have the replay value of other AnCo songs.
  • Anyone thought about the meaning of amanita?
  • going into the woods and taking drugs until you totally can't even remember yr name! the same old game!
  • Amanitas are truly boring psychedelics. Really. Just eat cubes, every amanita trip has been like a dark storybook that's just.. like... Without any of the intensity or weirdness or hilariousness or insightfulness or spirituality that makes a psychedelic special for me. They don't make you sick, though. Ayahuasca makes you fuckin' sick, lemme tell. At least the first couple days.
  • we have a freekin herbologist up in here! wait, that pertains to plants. What would be an expert on shrooms??
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    I'm not an expert on any kind of psychedelic. I've actually probably taken less shrooms than any other single psychedelic. But I believe an expert in mushrooms is called a "mycologist", or just generally a "fun guy." :O
  • The pun. It hurts.
  • Yep, it's a baddie.
  • i still lolled
  • thats a great pun, dave
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