I've been stuck on this song for a while, and its starting to get to me :/ Most rest of the album is pretty straight forward, save Mercury Man and Rosie Oh. But this one has 2 bothersome lines that I can't seem to put a meaning to: 'XXXXXXX- and I'm feeling like a little honey can roll'- What's the significance of honey, and how does honey roll? ... What is rolling, regarding honey? (probably not an MDMA reference) 'One, the Eagle Two, the Noble Three, the Lizard Four, the Soul.' - Personally, I think its Avey's little tribute to the band. Each one is a member, with the symbolism it has defining the member. Deakin is the Eagle, who separated from the group and was free (Eagle symbolizing freedom). Panda is the noble, always trying to help out his family and friends (half the songs he writes are about his family). Avey is the lizard, whose pension to always seek the sun, or enlightenment, always looking for the next best thing. This becomes pretty apparent on CHZ (monkey riches especially). Geologist is the soul, being the producer of almost every electronic sample and sound that the band uses. He's been there forever (minus sung tongs), always keeping a firm hand and providing a solid base for the band. But please, offer your opinions!


  • I think it's a JFK conspiracy theory in code.
  • Btw I think Spirit's pretty great. Full of soul. Two band members. :P
  • thats A pretty goodinterpritation of that line. Well thought out and such. I would think the song is remnising on how as a childthings used to taste good. and about food and how we think its infinate but its not. it sounds like my little pony on drugs. no maybe not.
  • Apple saws in harvest time.
  • I think the song is about childhood, or growing up (like most of the album). The day and night transitions, I think, indicate the passage of enough time so that he's not a kid anymore. The whole song makes sense in that light, all except the last lines :P damn your ambiguous lyrics, Avey!
  • From what I have heard/read interview-wise, their lyrics are quite fluid and can mean anything, which mean you can interpret them as poems written for your situation and if the "written" lyrics turn out to be different [b][i]oh well[/i][/b] THEY know they are merely channelers (i'll tell you an REM story regarding this if you need proof)
  • Well said. Clawing for a song's true meaning isn't going to yield satisfying results with lyrics like Animal Collective's. I mean, except for certain cases (support thine brethren). [i]How[/i] lyrics like this get written is more interesting to me. Not how they specifically did it in any specific instance. Rather, the open state that seems to bring forth inspired results.
  • Eh, I can't really agree whole-heartedly. I do agree that they are channelers, and they know this. But I also think that they write things with something in mind, and the lyrics [i]do[/i] have a singular lyrical intent. I'm not so crazy as to think that [i]everything[/i] they do is able to be interpreted the way they intended, but I don't think this is one of those albums. Most of their earlier stuff was like that, but recently, concrete meaning can be found, especially theme-wise. I'd say up until SJ that their stuff was very ambiguous. That being said, I'm just interested in Avey's reason for writing these last lines, haha.
  • I think judging the album as a whole in one way is probably like the opposite problem of missing the forest for the trees. But regardless of whether or not the lines you're referring to had a specific meaning to Dave when he wrote them, it's a safe bet that any of our attempts at guessing what he meant will have way more bearing on us than on him. And I think it's great for art to have personal meanings for people.
  • Beardy, I wholeheartedly agree with your first statement regarding Applesauce.
  • I think it is literally about Red Delicious Apples being turned into Applesauce.
  • [quote=Peacefish]I think it is literally about Red Delicious Apples being turned into Applesauce.[/quote] [img][/img]
  • it's the sauce!
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