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This one's going to be pretty specific. Looking for bands/albums with a roomy kind of quality. Stuff with not much sonic depth, could be lounge-y but not exclusively in that vein. Mainy dry stuff, not much use of reverb or delay. I'll give as many examples as possible. The Velvet Underground and Nico The Velvet Underground- The Velvet Underground The Fiery Furnaces- Blueberry Boat Broadcast- The Noise Made by People Broadcast and the Focus Group- Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age Anything by Tod Dockstader Pink Floyd- Piper at the Gates of Dawn Ariel Pink- Mature Themes The Flaming Lips- The Soft Bulletin Young Marble Giants- Colossal Youth Micachu and the Shapes Joy Division Cass Mccombs- Wit's End Oneohtrix Point Never- Replica


  • (panda bear - young prayer)
  • foxygen, u.n.p.o.c., allah-las, paul revere and the raiders, jake bugg, is tropical, pretty much all syd barrett songs, the growl. im probably understanding you all wrong though. are you saying you are looking for (mostly) non-electro psych bands/albums?
  • i am shitting in a broom! (closet)
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    Bang Bang and Silent Steeples by Dispatch.
  • Haha a "roomy" quality. "I Am Sitting in a Room" is as "roomy" as it gets. [quote=G.O. !]i am shitting in a broom!(closet)[/quote]
  • [quote=IkoOvo]"I Am Sitting in a Room" is as "roomy" as it gets.[/quote] lol ya
  • i had this avant music class where we recreated that and it was amazing hearing your own voice slowly degrade into sound! sink into the clown
  • That's so cool! Sounds like a very interesting class!
  • I didnt even know classes like that even existed. Frickin cool!
  • at the same time we had one class where some guy just banged a gong for like 15minutes i swear to god the hell was THAT! and swinging alternating microphones that made squelchy feedback sounds that kept getting closer and closer together! shit like that!
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    Oh man I wish i could take avant music class :( I'm not completely sure what you mean by "roomy" but i'll throw forward This Heat, kind of industrial/post-punk, similar to early AC like Danse Manatee in a way. Their album "deceit" was recorded in a disused refrigerated storeroom and it really sounds like it, really metallic, no effects.
  • That was AWESOME.
  • They only had two albums so you should check them out!
  • I totally will!
  • this sheet DISCREET! S.P.Q.R. squarepusher is on the mark come to you
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