Tabs to "Untitled"

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I really want to know if anybody knows the tabs to it!! because i would make a cover to G.O.'s long lost project I just found a brilliant sound on my Novation Nova II synth, so thats where the inspiration is coming from :P :bz :bz :bz :bz


  • I mean Chords(ofc) tabs would be impossible
  • you and those damn bees! ah yes... The Project! my my how THAT failed! / drove me insane
  • the strawberry jam song was good! what a shame that the board decided to fall apart just when it was getting fun :( :bz :bz
  • The project died even when the board was more active. It was a slow decline.......
  • me obsessing over getting the 2nd / MPP one done was making me into a real jerk but honestly now when people take like 6 months or a year and "can't find the time" to make a 30-60 second "song" ??? MAYBE should just give up on making music / life! or at least saying they'll do it no they didn't do SHIT! :(|)
  • Yeah it was really annoying. I put barely any time into it and I got two songs done. And I'm not even a musician! It was just me fucking around on Ableton.
  • :///////////////////////////// I always wanted to make a cover or something for one of these projects. One day.
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