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  • tabby catty! tubby fatty! reverse sbaT! BATS! we can't stop here! tobey SPIDEY is watching! WAITING!
  • lies, spidey is not watching
  • that theory debunked like i got guns in my trunk. im drunk and on drugs and i chew your moms rug.
  • D Dm7 Em I'm getting lost in your curls G Em A I'm drawing pictures on your skin, so soft it twirls D Dm7 Em I like your looks when you get mean G I know I shouldn't say so but when you Em A Claw me like a cat, I'm beaming D Dm7 Em I like the way you squeeze my hand G Em Pulling me into another dream, A A lucid dream. Bluish sounds pretty good actually if you play it as an acoustic song, I've tried it before, and pretty easy to play.
  • lol Mzrokkks record yourself, show this guy how its done!
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    Well.. whatever I did would still be "regurgitating poetry", as that Youtube guy so kindly said. This isn't so bad at all actually (that's not you suf is it? I'll assume it is and be nice, just in case). I don't know if I could do any better than this guy, seeing as I definitely won't be hitting any of those harmonized notes (a friend said I have a 'Ukranian' voice, and I can see her point. I did not interpet that as 'Ukranian tenor', by the way) But I should try it anyway, for the lelz.
  • Naw i didnt comment on that video
  • I was actually asking whether the guitar player is you.. You never know
  • Oh lol i totally misunderstood your post No it isnt me!
  • TAB TABBY!! :(|)
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