De Soto De Son title translation

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  • lol accidental quadruple empty post? pretty weird.
  • sorry, 7. this is awful. what is happening?!
  • oh, you're just... resurrecting empty duplicate posts.... don't make wini change her resurrect whatever you want deal lol
  • don't worry dave I HAVE A PLAN even if no one else figures out what i am secretly trying to DO! it makes sense to me! you'll see! then they'll ALL see! me!
  • What would we do without you, GO?
  • yeah, i'm really interested!
  • it's more just my weird mental OCD about boards and having things organized / feel right! when i enter the final phasers you'll all just be like "oh that's what you were doing? ok well that really isn't anything! what the hell man!" :(
  • It appears that we're all online.
  • this is like anti-OCD, isn't it?
  • it does, doesn't it.
  • we haven't done that in YEARS! let's all drink a LOT of beers!
  • edited March 2012
    last time my panther did that my panther almost ended up fighting this guy 'cause he was drinking hard liquor and taking bumps of fishscale coke, which enraged him! that was a rough night for him.
  • is the hidey hole even real anymore?
  • it's not meaningful in terms of organization. it does hide our posts from google, though.
  • a hidden place! A FIRE INSIDE
  • I'am late guys, but I've seen what all this means. Aliens! Ever see the movie independece day...well this is nothing like that. You see G.O. is actually an alien and is using this board to infiltrate mankind and the human culture. And not only aliens are involved but what if ghosts were involved.
  • GO stands for Ghost Observation.
  • Project: Gorilla Operation!
  • Well, I have already mangled whatever plan you had, at least in Arrivals, where I sunk all the resurrected ones. I have sink powers here.
  • everything but the kitchen bitchin sink miles per hours of powers!
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