top 10 favorite songs by ac?

Mine are: 10. Brothersport 9. Chores 8. Graze 7. Lion in a coma 6. Loch Raven 5. Derek 4. Turn into something 3. My Girls 2. Fireworks 1. Summertime Clothes


  • Mine: 10.Chocolate Girl 9.Kids On Holiday 8.Loch Raven 7.Ahhh Good Country 6.Bees 5.Too Soon 4.Essplode 3.Street Flash 2.For Reverend Green 1.Winter's Love but of course this changes randomly....
  • hmmm what a tough cookie this is , 1. WWIWS 2. banshee beat 3. i think i can 2. purple bottle 4. bluish 5. cobwebs 6. seal eyeing 7. bat you'll fly/spirit 8. leaf house 9. water curses 10.prospect hummer that was actually the toughest thing i have ever donw in my life please dont put me through that again and also they are in nor order just some of my favorite songs and i agree with derek it varies all the time so now it is that list it might change within a week sooo we shall see how it goes you wippersnapper !!
  • one per album not including campfire [sorry!] ALVIN ROW MEET THE LIGHT CHILD I See You Pan Pride & Fight Foreth Gothpull [taken as a whole! BORN SLIPPI WHO COULD WIN A RABBI? TURN INTO SOMETHING CUCKOO CUCKOO LION IN A COMA MR FINGERS and PLAYPEN!!! (if you have not heard that little rarity you should check it out! ... it might seem pretty dang mellow / slight to you but there's just something about it... really nice feeling!] doing fave of each LP made this much easier! hope it isn't cheating!
  • but if you bleed then yr bleeding!
  • Tough question--* 10. Summertime Clothes 9. My Girls 8. We Tigers 7. For Reverend Green 6. Derek 5. Turn Into Something 4. Brothersport 3. Fireworks 2. Taste 1. Grass ..That was way harder than I thought it would be. I narrowed them down from about thirty or so, hahaa!
  • One per album for me Spirit title track In The Singing Box Pride and Fight De Soto de Sun Infant Dressing Table Winter's Love Flesh Canoe (tragically overlooked, it's so cute) Cuckoo Cuckoo Daily Routine Mr Fingers Pandy Burr A Musician and A Filmmaker Young Prayer all of them I'm Not Slow Motion Avey Crumbling Land Dont listen to individuals of Pullhair I have it as one long track Oliver Twist Deacon Many live jams + Country Report (best song in the KEEP tape)
  • one per album for me, too: alvin row ahhh good country pumpkin gets a snakebite de soto de son hey light kids on holiday turn into something fireworks in the flowers what happened?
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