still going! (but WHY?)


  • the goal for 2017 can be to get TWO non-ME OH posts! (oooh!) ... wonder how long this dead palace will be around! like lost tombs growing mossy from ancient civilizations! people will wander around the haunted hollow hauls and wonder what once was! ... all that and wilco STILL hates the ... fuckin radio! [head!]
  • we NEED to get Geo deported!
  • Who pays for this?
  • no one knows! (the government probably) [most likely!] ... and how are YOU clod! ... still rockin it? what's new in your life! (I imagine you just recently met your future former wife!)
  • We're all on a government watchlist! Yeah, totally still rockin' it. I just got a job working in a plant nursery which I'm excited about. What's happening in the land of GEE OH?
  • I have achieved my life-long dream of becoming an honest-to-god Bag Lady!
  • it's been WONDER full! [FULL OF WONDER]
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