The New Gallery

I’ve finally added a new custom gallery to the site. There you’ll be able to watch both videos — from YouTube and Vimeo — and images from the band and band members. If you’d like to submit new content, you can do so by going to our forum. In the meantime, you can already browse through and comment on each item.

Back to the studio: a celebration!

From the band’s vimeo site:

“Scott Colburn had a great idea when we were recording Strawberry Jam. He set up a video camera to take short clips of footage once a minute for the whole time we were in the studio. This is the unedited result. Our tracking session for Strawberry Jam in Tucson at Wavelab Studios in 2007. We post this about 2 weeks before we will be heading into the studio to begin recording our next record. thanks to everyone for being part of our world. AC”

Forum Redesign

After the switch from phpBB3 to Vanilla, the forum‘s design was set to a plain-looking default theme. However, that has now been changed, as I redesigned and styled the forum to match the rest of the site. Please check it out if you haven’t.

Lyrics & Discography

The Lyrics and Discography sections are back online. Comments are available on those pages as well. There are two more sections to go before the rebuild is finished.

Again, if any of you are interested in helping the site by uploading and sharing pictures or live shows of the band, please reply in the forum.

The Site Is Coming Back

After our recent downtime, I’ve been busy rebuilding the site. Currently the News and Community sections are available. Soon, I’ll include the Bio, Discography, Lyrics, and About sections. Once those are online, I’ll style the forum to match the site and start recreating the gallery and gets sections.

Help Wanted

Since we lost all our media files, meaning photos and live shows, I’m currently looking for people to restore them to the site. If you’re interested in helping, please visit the forum and read this post.