Updated Dicography – Fall Be Kind EP

Since the Fall Be Kind EP is practically out the door, I’ve recently added it to the Collectography, I’ll be adding a few shows and lyrics to the site as well over this short recess from the university. Moreover, I’ve added a few of the singles that I was missing to it as well, which were: Brothersport, My Girls, and Summertime Clothes.

Home Page And Four New Shows

I’ve added a home page to the site, so it no longer directs the site to the News section and also I’ve added four more shows to the Gets downloads section. The home page will display several images from the gallery, the latest shows that have been added, latest forum posts, and some quick previews of the two last news articles. Here’s a list of the newest shows:

  • 2008-07-19 – Pitchfork Music Fiestival 2008
  • 2008-06-23 – Arendal, Norway – Hove Festival
  • 2008 Merriweather Post Pavilion Live Concept – Live Version
  • 2007 Panda Bear People Party (MP4) – A film for Panda Bear’s 2007 Summer Tour

The last is a full video converted from the Panda Party DVD into MP4 which is about 1137MB’s, for anyone who needs more room in your HDD you’ll need to empty some space. It’s actually much smaller than any of the other direct releases from EatTapes. In the future I will upload the whole DVD for anyone who wants it, if you’d like to request that, please post in the forum.

Merriweater Lyrics + A Few Site Changes

I’ve recenltly added lyrics for Merriweather Post Pavillion and Water Curses (just a bit late for this one) today, so check them out if you want to learn how to sing a song;  also, if you spot an error, please post it in the forum or post a correction as a comment in the lyric’s page that needs fixing.

Although it may not seem noticeable to most everyone, I’ve updated the site’s code by removing the previous table code and placing a complete div set up in its place, also adding a vertical copyright, which was actually the original intent of the layout. The only tables that exist now are the the Gets section since it generates tables for the items on its own; all in all, everything should look and feel exaclty the same.

Wiki & Upgrade

I’ve recently installed MediaWiki on this site, as some of you have maybe noticed, there are new “Wiki” links on the top and bottom navigation bars, the decision to include a Wiki was made after I had posted a thread in the forum several weeks ago. The Main purpose will be so that anyone can edit the pages, unlike the main site, and can start a sub-site of sorts, for a Gig-o-Graphy section, which is to track and list any and all shows that the band has played with additions of member reviews and photos, and the Gets section will be the place where anyone can download the files as well as the Gallery.

To edit and create pages, you must first register the Wiki.

Additionally, the news system (wordpress) has been upgraded to 2.50.

Water Curses & News Writters

A few days ago, Water Curses was leaked on the web, which may or may not be a bad thing according to your own personal views, but in any case I updated the discography section with it, though there is some info missing like catalog number, and whatnot. More discussion in the forum »


Additionally, if you would like to be a registered news writer for Animal Collective Org, pleace feel free to register under the META heading on the left, and contact me in the forum.

If you are interested, please do so. You can write anything on the band that is up-in-coming or that is important for people to follow up on such as tour dates and releases (or even advances, as above); however, it would all be pro-bono (no pay) and voluntary, but would be greatly appreciated by me.